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Ynwyh2Mb Fri 14-Dec-18 20:47:40

Hi there,

I have been to the doctors today to get my Mirena coil removes ready to try for a baby. Whilst trying to get it out the nurse got quite annoyed because she couldn’t find my cervix. During the procedure she began to tell me that I was going to struggle to conceive as my cervix is tilted. I wanted to hear from women that have got a tilted cervix and how this affected their fertility. I want to try and find a way to sort this but feeling quite overwhelmed and scared that I’m not going to be able to concieve. Any advice would be such a help. Thankyou

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SnuggyBuggy Fri 14-Dec-18 20:50:58

My DM has one and didn't have any fertility issues. I don't know what position we were conceived with, too much information.

ScarlettDarling Fri 14-Dec-18 20:51:20

My cervix is tilted and it didn't cause any problems at all conceiving. Nor was it ever suggested to me that it would although a nurse once told me during a smear that it can make the cervix a bit more difficult to find when having a smear. I know lots of friends who have also been told they have a tilted uterus/ cervix. They all have children and none had any difficulty conceiving. I don't know if there's any truth at all in what this nurse has said but I'd be surprised if it was the case.

Bluntness100 Fri 14-Dec-18 20:53:44

My cervix is tilted and I fell pregnant about three months after coming off the pill, no issues at all.

ScarlettDarling Fri 14-Dec-18 20:53:59

In fact, having just done a quick Google, everything I read said that a tilted cervix wouldn't have any effect on ability to conceive. So relax, your nurse was talking rubbish!

MacavityTheDentistsCat Fri 14-Dec-18 20:55:01

I have a tilted cervix. It got mentioned to me at a smear years ago but the doctor said not to worry. I did then struggle to conceive and wondered if that was the problem but the fertility clinic said no. I ultimately conceived quite naturally.

Bluntness100 Fri 14-Dec-18 20:56:16

A quick google shows there is no issue.

A tilted uterus, also called a tipped uterus, retroverted uterus or retroflexed uterus, is a normal anatomical variation. It shouldn't interfere with your ability to conceive.In most women, the uterus tips forward at the cervix. About 1 in 4 women, however, has a uterus that leans backward, or tilts, at the cervix. In the past, doctors thought that a tilted uterus might have contributed to infertility. But experts now know that the position of the uterus doesn't affect the ability of sperm to reach an egg


PushHop Fri 14-Dec-18 20:59:56

My best friend has a tilted cervix and conceived both babies on the first try...the second baby was just eight weeks after the first was born, and before her period had returned. So zero fertility issues.

Kescilly Fri 14-Dec-18 21:03:53

Do you know which way it tilts? At my last smear she struggled and told me my uterus tilts forward more than most (anteverted uterus), which made it difficult for her to see my cervix.

Everything I read online said it shouldn’t be a problem for fertility. It took us a few months to conceive, no issues.

Scarlett278 Fri 14-Dec-18 21:07:10

Thankyou so much everyone! I had googled it but it's reassuring to hear first hand that it isn't an issue. Not sure which way it tilts but it took her 20 mins to find my cervix! I've never had that issue before when getting coil fitted etc.

Rachie1986 Fri 14-Dec-18 21:08:36

My cervix is a bit tilted if I remember rightly, it's been mentioned before during a check in pregnancy and I tell the nurse before a smear now. I conceived in 3 months and 5 months x

IvyandStan Fri 14-Dec-18 21:27:04

My cervix is tilted. I have 3 kids and had no trouble conceiving them. Smears can be a bit awkward though.

Wesstywoo Sat 15-Dec-18 07:34:33

I asked the fertility consultant this very question and the answer was no, it makes no difference. In fact 20% of women have it

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