Do private tests mean no NHS?

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daydreamdaisy Wed 12-Dec-18 21:21:04

DH and I between us have a motley collection of issues - me suspected PCOS with 45+day cycles and no confirmed ovulation according to opk&bbt charting. DH testicular issues - multiple childhood surgeries and ongoing cysts/problems.

We have been actively TTC eight months and I appreciate our GP's rule that they won't refer us for tests until it's been a year, even though I wish it were different.

I am very keen to have some tests done such as a sperm analysis, blood tests and scan. If I pay to see a consultant privately and tests show that we need IVF, would having gone private mean we are not eligible for any rounds on NHS?

I ask because I can scrape my savings for a couple of hundred to pay for tests, but could not afford thousands for private IVF.

I'm really low about this today after yet another pregnancy announcement from a friend, and would really appreciate any advice. We live near Leeds if that's any help!

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ellesbellesxxx Wed 12-Dec-18 21:24:18

We did this.. paid to see the consultant at her private clinic (as otherwise it would have been another 4 months) and had a scan and AMH test done privately.
I was then put on her NHS waiting list for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy (waiting list 5 months) then started ivf a month later with nhs.
Like you we just wanted to get the ball rolling and £450 was much more doable!

Lauren83 Wed 12-Dec-18 21:24:35

Private treatment will often affect NHS funding but not investigations, it's usually around £500-£600 for private basic bloods, scan and a semen analysis, unfortunately though whilst your GP may refer you based on the findings it usually won't speed things up in the NHS system as they usually repeat everything again once you are referred for IVF

ellesbellesxxx Wed 12-Dec-18 21:25:16

Ps might be worth seeing a different gp? Mine gave us basic bloods/SA after 7/8 months

Saltisford Wed 12-Dec-18 22:20:35

See another gp and say you’ve been trying longer! X

hoping2018 Wed 12-Dec-18 22:35:41

You need to see a different GP - most guidelines say investigate after a year unless there is more obviously a problem - your partners surgery and your prolonged cycles would make you fall into this category. You should definitely be able to get tests on the NHS.

However, to speed things up we got a private AMH at our local clinic that does private and NHS they then saw us super quick once they got NHS referral as we already had a private appointment booked which they just changed to nhs.

Good luck

daydreamdaisy Thu 13-Dec-18 07:12:37

Thank you for all the advice! I will seriously think about changing GP. I think I might get some bloods done privately at least, only problem is my bloody awful cycles.

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hoping2018 Thu 13-Dec-18 09:12:12

@daydreamdaisy I googled my local nhs fertility clinic and they have "guidelines for gp" this says if you have oligomenorehoea (irregular periods) or history if urogenital male surgery then you are eligible for early investigation and referral. Have a look online at your local guidelines and take them to your GP - they only have 10 minute they really won't argue they'll just organise!

Interestingly my fsh came back as almost 12 and my GP coded this as normal - I found an article written by the consultant who ran the local fertility clinic saying if fsh >9.5 you need urgent referral. I emailed it to the GP, I was referred the next day to the fertility clinic and got an apology letter from the GP a week later.

So my advice is do your research,gently challenge the GP - they're only human and can't know everything x

daydreamdaisy Thu 13-Dec-18 16:25:37

@hoping2018 this is really useful thank you!

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