Does anyone here have endometriosis?

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tinkaroo Mon 24-Dec-18 08:24:32

I've had it since 18 and had a few surgeries now by age 28!
Due a baby in 4 days so the laps have helped me and being on a high oestrogen contraceptive pill seems to have kept it in check in between surgeries.

TheGlitterFairy Mon 24-Dec-18 08:16:34

Thanks Lauren83 that’s sweet of you to say and gives me hope!!! X

Chuktuk009 Thu 20-Dec-18 22:31:04

Good luck to you too! I'm feeling hopeful that it's been removed but it's been 2years of trying and 1 year of fertilty appts to get to this point. We have to wait 3 months till an outpatient appt where they will discuss medication/ivf. It feels so slow, or am I being inpatient?
In the new year I think we will explore adoption and private IVF options confused

mouse1234567 Thu 20-Dec-18 10:38:56

HI Chuktuk009. I had a lap that confirmed and removed an endometrioma and some adhesions in my pelvic wall. They also found some onbowel but didn’t remove as more complicated op and doesn’t affect fertility apparently. I also have PCO with irregular ish periods although they aren’t extremes irregular and I do seem to ovulate-it’s not the syndrome that I have. We have been ttc for 1 year and half-had the lap in August and No much yet. Had two rounds IUI with clomid-hasn’t worked but due another in jan and the moving toIVF in April. Its stressful being diagnosed with both but there are things they can do to help them so now I have my head around it I’m hopeful. The consultant seems to think that nowmkst is the endo is clear that shouldn’t stop anything! Good luck! I’m really hoping by next Christmas things will be different!

Chuktuk009 Thu 20-Dec-18 04:22:45

Found out I had endometriosis yesterday as I had lap and dye (feeling sore) . They said it was over my right tube and uterus but managed to remove it. Fingers crossed my periods become regular and I fall pregnant but I also have pcos. Anyone else have endometriosis and pcos?

RyvitaBrevis Mon 17-Dec-18 18:55:39

Yes (*waves*) I know it's so difficult and can feel so overwhelming, but don't give up hope! flowers The lap should help. Some people can conceive naturally after a lap or hormonal treatment, and others need to go straight to IVF.

If you haven't had an infertility referral yet, it's perhaps worth thinking about asking for one?

Lauren83 Mon 17-Dec-18 07:31:09

TheGlitterFairy I really hope the next cycle works for you! It wasn't until cycle 5 I had success so I know how it feels


TheGlitterFairy Mon 17-Dec-18 06:49:14

I do, stage 4 - was diagnosed a couple of years ago. I was clueless - had no idea. I’ve a blocked tube and get large cysts too. We’ve been ttc for 6 years, I’ve never had a bfp- now awaiting 4th round of ivf.
This isn’t the case for all people though - I’ve known others with endo who have been able to get of with no surgery etc. Good luck

ineedtolovemyself Wed 12-Dec-18 17:55:17

I do and I have 2dc conceived when I was on contraception with both of them.
Don't give up 😊

Lauren83 Wed 12-Dec-18 17:36:29

No a lot of people conceive naturally with no issues, the later stages can sometimes cause infertility as it did in my case but mine was stage 4 and caused tubal issues and premature ovarian failure as I had caught it really late

Otterses Wed 12-Dec-18 17:02:56

Yes. We tried for DS for about four years before I was diagnosed with stage 3, then we conceived naturally about three months after my lap. Not every endo sufferer goes on to have IVF.

reresres Wed 12-Dec-18 16:52:26

If you have endo will you only be able to conceive through Ivf?

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Lauren83 Wed 12-Dec-18 16:47:47

I do, stage 4, had 2 laps before I started IVF and they really helped

reresres Wed 12-Dec-18 16:23:34

I had a ultrasound which showed nothing but I know that endo doesn't show on that.
I wish I knew what I was dealing with.

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Toomanycookies Wed 12-Dec-18 15:58:22

I had it . I ended up with a hysterectomy but before that I got pregnant after many years while having huge cysts on both ovaries .

reresres Wed 12-Dec-18 15:46:58

I hope the lap helps.
I'm not optimistic

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Milly848 Wed 12-Dec-18 15:34:01

Yes. I haven't tried to get pregnant yet but I suspect it will be hard or even impossible.

Babymamamama Wed 12-Dec-18 15:30:06

I had it. It was painful. It stopped me getting pregnant for years. Then I had it treated and now I have DD. Hope things work out for you. It's not fun.

reresres Wed 12-Dec-18 15:23:42

I'm waiting for my lap.
Previously tried for 3 years to get pregnant
Feeling low.

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