Period arrived before 2ww ends

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lli07 Wed 12-Dec-18 13:09:41

I have a 3-day fresh embryo transfer on 3th Dec (last Monday) and am taking cyclogest twice per day. On the 8th post of transfer, i started to bleed. Thought it might be implantation bleeding. But today is the second day of bleeding and has become heavier. I am quite sure my period has come. I called the nurse and she suggested me to still carry on my med and test on Friday. I am feeling hopeless.

I am not sure if my case was followed up thoroughly by doctor and nurse. I only spoke to the doctor once at very beginning, and every time I speak to different nurse on the phone. Should I consider to change the clinic at the second round?

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Cherries101 Wed 12-Dec-18 15:08:31

I was told that having an early period is normal during a fresh or medicated frozen cycle but that having a late period (even by a few days) suggests implantation issues / early miscarriage.

hoping2018 Wed 12-Dec-18 22:42:04

Hi @lli07 sorry to hear you are bleeding. The same thing happened to me on my first cycle - I did keep going with the meds but it was pointless and bfn. I knew I was out of the game - told my clinic it was a period rather than bleeding and they agreed probably not pregnant but tiny chance so keep going til OTD.

Cycle 2 worked though so hang in there!

Lauren83 Thu 13-Dec-18 05:00:10

The progesterone usually for most people keeps your period at bay until you stop it if no pregnancy occurs then you get a withdrawal bleed when your levels drop a few days later, some women do bleed before test day in some cases it's just spotting and it can still be a BFP but if it's a full bleed maybe your pessaries aren't keeping your levels high enough so do ask to have your levels checked next time as they may increase your progesterone or switch you to intramuscular progesterone.

lli07 Fri 14-Dec-18 10:04:36

Many thanks! Really appreciate that you share your experience. I always thought I was healthy. Only bad luck that I still haven been able to be pregnant. However after the first cycle of failure, I feel the infertility problem is probably on me.

I had 11 eggs collected, BUT only 1 was fertilized, 9 out 11 were immature and 1 was abnormal. How could it happen?! The last scan taken 2 days before egg collection showed the majority of the follicles are around 20mm-22mm. I was worried they would be over matured at that time. Obviously I was completely wrong.

I hope someone could explain to me what went wrong. sad

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EarlGreyT Fri 14-Dec-18 22:17:16

I was told that having an early period is normal during a fresh or medicated frozen cycle but that having a late period (even by a few days) suggests implantation issues / early miscarriage.

Really? Who told you that? Every clinic I’ve spoken to has told me that your period is likely to be late after a fresh/medicated frozen cycle as the progesterone usually stops you bleeding until you stop it (which I’ve only ever been told to do after a negative test).

Lauren83 Sat 15-Dec-18 05:30:46

I did wonder about that, a late period doesn't mean a miscarriage either it just means the progesterone is doing its job, did your clinic tell you this information?


hoping2018 Sat 15-Dec-18 07:18:56

To be honest my clinic weren't remotely worried by the fact I bled prior to OTD. Certainly no one mentioned "it wasn't doing its job" or my progesterone levels being low. They didn't change my progesterone for my second cycle (both fresh) and we used the same pessaries st the same times etc - but that cycle worked.!

Lauren83 Sat 15-Dec-18 08:34:53

Spotting can be for any reason in 2ww including implantation and cervix irritation but usually luteal support keeps your period at bay until your withdrawal bleed

Lauren83 Sat 15-Dec-18 08:41:10

A period is more likely to be luteal support 'doing its job' as in supporting your endometrium so it doesn't shed before the drop in progesterone causing the bleed rather than a delayed period meaning it's a miscarriage as the PP said

FWIW my first 3 cycles I did bleed before OTD so my consultant said it was a sign my progesterone was too low making the luteal phase too short for implantation to occur before my HCG was high enough to stop the bleed naturally so I switched to intramuscular which is more suited to some women and cycles 4 and 5 I didn't bleed before OTD. The pessaries are sufficient for the majority of people

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