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Soph1954 Sun 09-Dec-18 20:00:50

Hello, me and my partner brought a superdrug male and female fertility test, mine was fine but his has come back negative twice ( negative means sperm count is under 15 million) we are 24 years old and have been ttc for nearly a year, should we be worried?
Thank you x

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Cherries101 Mon 10-Dec-18 10:49:53

At your age you will be told to ttc for 2 years before being investigated for infertility. Keep going. Sperm count can be affected by anything from too much sex / wanking, to not enough vitamins. Get him to take Wellman and if the next is low again in 3-6 months contact your GP.

physicskate Mon 10-Dec-18 11:15:13

And those tests are often inaccuarate and do not test morphology or motility. Waste of money.

Justwaitingforaline Mon 10-Dec-18 12:30:44

Not necessarily true that you will be told to be trying for two years. DH and I were 24 and 25 when we visited the GP after trying for a year. We’re due to start ICSI next month for Male factor infertility after a total of 1.5 years trying. It’s only taken the 1.5 years from first visiting the GP due to us having to self fund for treatment.

Lauren83 Mon 10-Dec-18 13:28:55

It might be worth getting a private SA done or requesting one via the GP just to check it properly, all CCGs differ and some may want you to try 1 year and some 2 however if any cause for infertility is known you can often access treatment after less time in some cases 6 months. Home tests aren't reliable

Soph1954 Mon 10-Dec-18 14:00:54

Thank you for all your help and reassurance!
We have just started using tesco pre conception vitamins for male and female!
Thank you again x

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hoping2018 Mon 10-Dec-18 14:31:58

GP will organise tests after a year - go get a proper test done! If all ok you might be asked to keep trying but if sorry count is low they should refer on


seven201 Mon 10-Dec-18 16:22:26

I'd go see the gp and tell them about the sleek test results. Maybe change the 'nearly' a year to 'just over' wink

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