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beeb14 Fri 07-Dec-18 15:28:07

Hi all

I have had a consultation with create. I am 41 with no medical issues. Husband 35 with morphology issues. We have a 4 year old together.

We have been told that the 3 cycle IVF package is best suited to us, with ICSI.

Has anyone ever had this before?

Also from my understanding although it is 3 cycles there is only one transfer. After the consultation when my mind was just bombarded with information I thought about this more and was left wandering how this would benefit me more than a Normal round of IVF. I called back to ask this question but was told I would have to book an apt with the doctor to discuss this further.

As you can all appreciate this is a massive decision and I just want to be sure Im picking the right place.

Many thanks

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BlueFish18 Sat 08-Dec-18 08:46:48

Hi Beeb14

I was in a similar position, deciding between Create and Care Fertility. Went to Create first and was also told the 3 cycle package was best suited to us. But it is sooooo expensive for 1 transfer and they only get 3 eggs! I then went to Care and just immediately felt more comfortable with everything. They basically said that while I had some ovarian reserve left, it made more sense to do normal IVF (they do natural too). I am sooooo glad I did! Care are amazing. I did one normal cycle and am now pregnant!!

As an older woman, I recommend you think about normal IVF since many of our eggs won't be viable. Only taking 3 out doesn't give you the best chance. Please get a second opinion! I highly, highly recommend Care!!

Also, I didn't find the normal IVF process with meds bad at all.

Good luck!! Wishing you all the best. Shout if you have any questions.

Cherries101 Mon 10-Dec-18 12:23:20

At your age I strongly suggest normal IVF. Create is a waste of money.

Lauren83 Mon 10-Dec-18 14:23:27

Natural/Mild IVF is often favoured for some women if they have really low AMH or a low AFC and their potential for egg production is only ever going to be 1 or 2 eggs, if you have a reasonable egg reserve then I would consider a stimulated cycle as if your AFC is an ok number you have potential for producing more eggs and whilst yes it only takes one that egg needs to be mature, fertilise, make it to blast and then implant and that's a lot to have riding on one egg when you could have more in the running, create are all about natural/mild IVF and whilst that's absolutely the best thing for some patients and create do have a good reputation do consider getting an opinion from a clinic who offer medicated too before making any decisions

DotingDaisy Tue 08-Jan-19 15:30:16

I have been wondering this too.

I'm 39, with PCOS and a raised FSH. AMH was done this morning, but I understand it might be raised anyway due to PCOS. Partner has a low sperm count with morphology issues. We were looking for ICSI and I had my initial appointment with Create this morning.

She seemed to think that I had quite a few follicles (I'm day 5 of cycle and she counted 8 on L ovary and 6 on R). She felt that 1 cycle would be better than the 3 cycle option.

I'm just so lost with all of this. I don't know how anyone ever makes any decisions about clinics!

Why would normal IVF be better than the mild IVF? Sorry if that's a stupid question!

BlueFish18 Tue 08-Jan-19 19:23:21

Hi DotingDaisy

I can't really advise on PCOS, but sounds like you may need to be put on lower doses of stimulation meds. So mild IVF may work.

However, you sound unsure about Create and you should feel sure! I recommend going to another clinic for a second opinion. It might cost a little but it is minimal compared to choosing the wrong clinic and the overall costs of IVF! I felt so much more comfortable after visiting Care. It felt right for me. Hopefully a clinic will feel right for you.

Good luck!

Helen202020 Wed 10-Apr-19 00:44:48

I'm not sure if this conversation is still live. My situation is that my husband has a low sperm count so we probably won't conceive naturally. But my fsh is high so we probably can't get IVF on the NHS. Do the private clinics also have limits? I'm 41 and devastated that I didn't know all this earlier. sad

Inawholeofdoom82 Wed 10-Apr-19 13:49:55

I had 1 cycle of ivf with create, resulting in a frozen transfer. It was successful and dd is now 2. They are great but quite brusque as opposed to "touch freely". I had pcis and dh had a variety of issues, we already had a child together. At my first consultation the Dr told me in no uncertain terms to go away and lose weight. I had a bmi of 27, so overweight but not hugely so. I did as told

misterjhon Tue 18-Jun-19 11:26:10

Please avoid spending a penny here. Ran out of gowns for 2 appointments (at 8am) and was given a sheet of kitchen roll in it's place.

Never answered the phone for results even though we were told to call back and then took 3 days to respond to the emails we had to send as a result of them not answering the phone.

Sales team are aggressively persistent , always trying to upsell, but they could not give any answers for any specific questions or help us to get results; we were told to contact other departments that never picked up.

Ran out of forms to request certain tests and I was told to go home and print it off myself. Even though they had a printer in front of them that they could have done this on. Receptionists are rude and didn't seem to be busy yet I was ignored on 3 occasions in favour of ladies that had the same questions that I had, instead they told me to sit and wait.

Seriously shabby of a company to penny pinch on basics such as robes for the money they charge. Your hard earned money probably goes towards the location rather than your wellbeing. Extremely disorganised as an organisation and imho a total con shop more interested in your money than you, your care and your wellbeing. Spend your money elsewhere like we did. The place we eventually went to in Harley Street charged slightly less and were so much more professional and compassionate, even though the practice was busier.

MrsMary78 Thu 18-Feb-21 14:38:26

I’m with them, did 3 multicycle and it was a waste of time, should have done 1 cycle. BFN. They are not proactive and have to constantly chase information.

Sara279 Sat 20-Feb-21 09:41:51

I'm with Create Manchester and in the middle of the three-cycle mild IVF (not natural). 41, low AMH. Personally I have found them excellent and very responsive. I do not think the prices are excessive. Doctors VERY caring and responsive. Nursing staff in theatre excellent, facilities clean and well organised. Embryologists lovely and explain everything in detail. I had a cycle on the NHS maximum drugs resulting in 3 eggs, nothing still going after a few hours of fertilization. I did some reading around high dose drugs possibly reducing egg/embryo quality and decided at my age three cycles and lower stimms would potentially give me better chances. It has. First round I had 7 eggs, second I had 9 and this was on 150IU Bemfola as apposed to 450IU Menapur. I have also got two blastocysts per cycle so far. Obviously I don't know how things will pan out but I have had a very good experience with Create and would recommend them. If these cycles do not work I would probably carry on for another three with them before giving up. Good luck to you x

IslandStars Sat 20-Feb-21 11:49:35

I’m with Create St Pauls, 3 cycle package. They have been great for me so far and at 41/42 my cycles yielded 29 eggs and 13 blastocysts on mild/short protocol. Medical team are very helpful and I’ve never felt rushed if I needed them to explain something further. Hoping to FET soon, so I can’t say what the outcome will be yet.

I’m wary of recommending clinics, because I don’t think there is one which suits everyone. Also, a lot of over 40s use Create and the reality is, not everyone will have a baby sadly. It doesn’t mean it was the clinics fault as such, they can only assist with fertility, there’s no guarantees with IVF.

What I would say is, if anyone feels their clinic has performed wrongly or been negligent, then they should raise a formal complaint with the clinic and the regulators.

Hopefuleggs Sun 21-Feb-21 18:32:55

Considering the 3 cycle package with Create so its encouraging to see some positive views on their service.

Its a confusing and anxious choice...there seems to be conflicting views on traditional IVF v's the mild 3 cycle approach.

It seems that some believe after 3 cycles of collection, the same amount would be collected from one traditional collection so whats the point... only dragging the process out for a longer period if time?

My understanding from Create is that with milder stimulation the quality of eggs is better and less physical and mental impact on the woman. Would really appreciate some views on this and any success stories from Create?

Also considering the DNA fragmentation test for other half - why is there so little chat on this? 45% of miscarriage caused by sperm DNA damage? Wow!!

Would love to hear of peoples experience with this and whether after testing and any necessary treatment IVF was more successful?

IslandStars Sun 21-Feb-21 20:24:19

@Hopefuleggs 3 cycle packages are often recommended for over 40s or those with low ovarian reserve, because fertility diminishes fairly quickly over time and especially after 40, so the idea is that you collect as many eggs as possible before your fertility declines further.

Create didn’t push me into embryo banking, it was their recommendation, but I didn’t feel a hard sell, so if you wanted to try a single round first, I’m sure you could. They will assess your options and recommend according to your baseline scan results.

I found mild ivf very manageable physically. First round was a shock to the system emotionally, but second and third cycles I knew what to expect and didn’t suffer any major side effects. The results can be just as effective as full IVF for some people. Theory being if you’re older or have low egg reserve, there’s no point in over stimulating as you can’t force many more eggs than are naturally available.

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about DNA fragmentation, probably worth starting a new thread on that one.

Hopefuleggs Sun 21-Feb-21 21:10:52

Thanks so much for your response. Yes, with a low ovarian reserve too, it does sound like my best option and I hadn't considered embryo banking!

13 blastocysts sounds really positive and hopeful! Would really love to hear how you go. Wishing you all the luck x

Hopefuleggs Sun 21-Feb-21 21:12:11

@IslandStars Thanks so much for your response. Yes, with a low ovarian reserve too, it does sound like my best option and I hadn't considered embryo banking!

13 blastocysts sounds really positive and hopeful! Would really love to hear how you go. Wishing you all the luck x

Hopefulsecond Sat 20-Mar-21 14:02:50

Hiya, can I check which Create clinic you went to - it sounds like you had a horrible experience there sad

Hopefulsecond Sat 20-Mar-21 14:03:35


KayReeves Mon 22-Mar-21 12:44:13

Hello i am also looking at Create, had 3 rounds of IVF, 5 embryos transferred and no pregnancy. I have low ovarian reserve and am not ready to give up just yet on my own eggs. I’ve seen the success rates for natural IVF and they’re not great but i don’t think I can face more drugs with conventional IVF, i worry about the long term effects

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