Polycystic ovaries syndrome

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Elliemay96 Tue 18-Dec-18 17:56:09

My mum has pcos and have always known due to my skin really as that’s what came up online when I googled it so I went to the doctors and after blood tests my doctor seemed really concerned and keen to begin the process

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Merrydoula Sat 08-Dec-18 11:09:26

Hi, I suffered with PCOS for years, didn't get pregnant for years, generally felt like rubbish.

My saving grace was a low carb diet and cupping therapy. Within 3 months of low carbing and cupping I lost weight and my periods regulated and went back to normal, i also got pregnant 5 months after and just gave birth 3 weeks ago. X

AniSL Sat 08-Dec-18 10:33:50

May I ask what was the reason behind your diagnosis. I know that different consultants have different benchmarks.
For me AF is regular and I know exact dates, no bad skin, no excess hair, they gave me a diagnosis of PCOS because of multiple small follicles and that was all.
I am taking NAC to support my PCOS and oddly when I had my TV scan in Harley Street, they didn't mention PCOS

Outofmydepth11 Fri 07-Dec-18 22:23:58

Do you have regular periods now you are off the pill? (you have to give it 6-9 months to really know). If you are regular-ish then there's no reason you should find it harder to conceive than anyone else.

Also, if for any reason you do need to have IVF, PCOS is actually an advantage (I have it, and my consultant said that given a choice he'd go for a polycystic ovary over a normal ovary every time - you are more likely to get a lot of eggs).

I had terrible mood swings when I started the pill, and again when I stopped. Hopefully it's temporary...

Awittyusernameishardtofind Fri 07-Dec-18 17:57:28

Mood swings, low mood, no interest in anything and feeling numb sound more like depression.
Have you considered speaking to a dr about how you’re feeling? Regardless of wanting a baby it’s important for you to look after your mental health. X

Hana1979 Fri 07-Dec-18 17:14:52

You might be interested in reading Alisa Vitti’s Womancode book - it’s quite waffley but she has developed a protocol for helping to manage PCOS and similar issues, with fertility (amongst other things) in mind.

You might also find some of Claire Baker’s teachings about your cycle of interest.

I’m no PCOS expert, am sure others can contribute more here. I do know that a good friend of mine has it and regards conceiving she used a OPK each month to pinpoint ovulation and has conceived both of her children naturally.

Good luck x

Elliemay96 Fri 07-Dec-18 12:51:43

Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with pcos and just wanted a bit of advice.

Now I know I have this I want to think about having a baby because I worry about the struggle and don’t want to waste any opportunity. My only problem is that since coming off the pill (I did this to see what my periods were like without it) my mood swings are causing serious problems with my relationship. I feel very down a lot, which I know is partly because of my appearance as I have bad skin due to the pcos. I never have any energy and have no interest in going to uni, seeing my friends or family, I feel numb to everything. Partly due to the unknown about if I will ever be able to conceive as well.

So I want to try and have a baby but at the same time by not taking the pill it’s causing me and my partner to drift apart so that isn’t good when thinking about a baby to add to the situation. I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem, like the mood swings and the low mood and if there was any advice on how to improve the symptoms of this without going back on the pill. I have tried going to a counsellor but it just hasn’t helped at all.


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