Are my progesterone levels too low? How can I increase them?

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Gryffindork Tue 04-Dec-18 02:16:59

Evening everyone,

I’m currently 4 weeks 2 days pregnant with an IVF pregnancy. I’ve had bleeding since Friday, which does seem to be slowing down now. Yesterday (Sunday) I had an awful lot of pain and weren’t very well, so ended up in A&E.

I had a beta done a few days ago - it was 19.2 (I didn’t ask what the progesterone was, presuming it was ok). They done a beta hCG and progesterone blood work in a A&E yesterday - my beta come back at 88 (which they said is low but within range, I have another one Wednesday) and progesterone at 9.9. They said they’d expect it to be 10, so it’s only 0.1 off but from what I can gather, the cyclogest I’m on isn’t doing it’s job properly! I’m on 400mg x2 a day and I have had some funny side effects, including being itchy everywhere and getting rashes.

I’m speaking to my clinic tomorrow as I only got the results today at 6pm, but will either taking another dose of cyclogest or switching to another/adding another supplement in (whether oral medication or another pessary) help any? Im desperate for the progesterone numbers to go up, and somehow tomorrow morning seems too far away!

I’d love to hear any stories or experiences on progesterone levels and how it ended. I’ve waited 4 years to get to this point... I don’t want to lose it now!

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