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beeb14 Mon 03-Dec-18 21:16:47

Anyone over 40 and had successful IVF / ICSI in or around London? Would love to hear from you ..


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beeb14 Tue 04-Dec-18 15:57:50

Just been told by one clinic that I don't qualify for their service as I'm too old!!! too old!!! TOO OLD!!

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Bananacloud Tue 04-Dec-18 17:20:55

Surely 40 isn’t too old to start a family. But maybe they had their reasons.
Hopefully you’ll find place soon

beeb14 Tue 04-Dec-18 21:00:52

Thanks @Bananacloud

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Botanica Tue 04-Dec-18 22:14:43

Sadly some clinics choose to treat only those below a certain age or without any specific infertility issues in order to carefully manage their stats.

At the end of the day IVF is a business and performance metrics matter to private clinics.

1Wanda1 Wed 05-Dec-18 15:23:43

Are you 40, or over 40? I know lots of 40 year olds who've had fertility treatment, but I think by the time you're 45, it really is very unlikely to succeed unless you are using donor eggs.

beeb14 Wed 05-Dec-18 16:23:57

I'm 41

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Cherries101 Wed 05-Dec-18 16:25:32

many clinics can be flexible about age. The 40 limit only applies for nhs cycles.

beeb14 Wed 05-Dec-18 18:33:29

This was a private and very popular Harley Street clinic! Not sure if we can name clinics on here...
I did explain that although I was 41 I've been told there is nothing wrong with me....hubby has morphology issues... But no they wouldn't budge! Actually said they keep an age limit of 37 coz it keeps their stats high!! I would obviously lower those stats!!

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Cherries101 Wed 05-Dec-18 18:39:01

By UK law clinics aren’t permitted to discriminate by age and so if you were told this (and I doubt you were) then they broke the law. The clinic by law has to review your individual circumstances when over 40.

Cherries101 Wed 05-Dec-18 18:39:50

Peddling misinformation is dangerous on a trusted forum like this as it could put off a woman over 40 seeking treatment.

CritterTamer Wed 05-Dec-18 20:34:02

Most clinics publish their stats by age ranges and would have a listed success rate for the age 40 - 42 bracket. I’ve never heard of one that blanket refuses to even consider someone over 40, although they might refuse after reviewing your test results if there is little chance. Plenty of women over 40 have successful IVF cycles (myself included, currently 40 and 11weeks pregnant with twins following our second cycle), and there are lots of clInics out there that will be perfectly happy to consider you.

Good luck with your search for a clinic and your treatment OP 😊

beeb14 Wed 05-Dec-18 20:49:39

Their website actually states that the age criteria for IVF at their clinic is 38.. despite this I rang them as I was impressed with their price and recommendations on this site.
I'm not 'peddling misinformation'.. just merely expressed my frustration. I did speak to someone at the clinic and said it was unfair but they just advised I go to another clinic which they recommended.. I could tell u the name of the clinic and you could look it up but I'm not going to do that as lots of people are accessing their facilities. I just felt it unfair that they couldn't. If I was purely mudslinging and peddling misinformation I would have stated the clinic. I respect what they do for so many women.
I'm aware that lots of other clinics do offer services to women over 40 and I'm currently researching and calling clinics. I just put up this post to vent my frustration. Not for any other reason.
Thanks everyone for your comments and support ..

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Wouldyoubelieeeeeeveit Wed 05-Dec-18 23:40:31

Cherries101 I looked at a clinic (Suspect it's the same one OP) on Harley street and realised I would also be ineligible due to age as the "criteria" (to be accepted as a patient) page clearly states:

"The female partner undergoing treatment needs to be no older than 37."

Rightly or wrongly regardless of the rules it would appear that at least one clinic is plainly acting in breach so accusing the op of peddling misinformation was unnecessary.

Good luck op.

beeb14 Thu 06-Dec-18 07:34:58

Thank you

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Cancerandivf Thu 06-Dec-18 11:48:18

Hello, I wonder if anyone has any hope for me. I’m 32 and my husband has incurable bile duct cancer which has a poor prognosis.
We started IVF thinking we deserved some luck and it would go well. I’ve had three rounds of ICSI using my husbands frozen sperm but one chemical pregnancy and one miscarriage later no joy. We had our third round last week and they only got 4 eggs, 2 mature, none fertilised. My AMH is 12 but they think our chances of success would be 10-20% with future cycles (having initially been told 40-50%).
I feel it’s so unfair to have a terminally ill husband and me to then have fertility problems at 32. If anyone has any similar experience or positive stories that would be great.

Cancerandivf Thu 06-Dec-18 11:49:36

Sorry will make new thread, don’t know how this works too well!

JeNeBaguetteRien Fri 07-Dec-18 16:00:34

Wouldyou I don't know if you're referring to ABC IVF, their first criteria is age a d if they are upfront about it on their website I'm happy to post a link here because for someone who meets their (strict) criteria it could be a good choice, and for someone like me who does not at least they won't be wasting their time and raising their hopes thinking they can get IVF for a relatively affordable price.
ABC do refer people on to their sister clinic

Anyway OP and others good luck with your treatment 💐

Wouldyoubelieeeeeeveit Fri 07-Dec-18 17:17:31

Thanks @JeNeBaguetteRien, yes that was the clinic I was referring to. Was flagging to support the op due to another posters chippy comment.

I went to CRGH in the end which I would use again. The whole process / clinics etc is such a minefield.

JeNeBaguetteRien Fri 07-Dec-18 19:53:30

Ah I see, glad you would recommend CRGH.

@Cherries I clicked on the HFEA link, I suspect the wording saying it's up to the clinician to decide probably allows clinics to do what they want to cherry pick patients. I do think they should have to make their criteria clear though.
The OP wasn't trying to peddle misinformation. Even in NHS clinics the criteria vary so wildly from one CCG to another (if they actually fund IVF). I had funded treatment with low AMH, a friend with the same AMH (and younger than me) was told her AMH was too low for NHS treatment.

*There are no age limits for fertility treatment in UK law so the decision on whether someone of a certain age can be treated is down to their clinician.

Clinicians need to decide whether a patient’s health will allow them to go through treatment and a possible pregnancy, and weigh any potential health risks against their chance of conceiving through IVF.*

I've attempted IVF at 37 and 38 and by the time I start again I'll be 39. Good luck to all of you having treatment.

Wouldyoubelieeeeeeveit Sat 08-Dec-18 15:27:07

Hi yes, I definitely would use CRGH again. Admittedly it is the only clinic I've had treatment from, but they were efficient, friendly, professional etc and their stats for "older" ladies (I'm 39) are pretty good, particularly when you consider they don't massage their figures by having strict eligibility criteria re age etc. Also they're closely linked with UCLH (lots of senior reproductive medicine consultants at UCLH also work at CRGH privately) and accept NHS referrals from infertility clinics all over.

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