Unexplained infertility....positivity needed

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MrsM2017 Mon 03-Dec-18 17:55:12


Not sure how I'm feeling, just looking for a bit of reassurance or some happy stories from people who might have been in my suituation or going through it...?

Hubby and I have been trying for our first baby for almost 19 months. The first 6/7 months were just off of contraception and "seeing what happens" - started tracking cycles, using opks and trying SMEP etc from about Jan/Feb 2018.

We've had no luck at all, not even a hint of anything so far 😢

Ater about 14 months we went to the GP for tests and both mine and his came back absolutely fine and completely normal.
I just don't know what to do....we make sure we baby dance at the right times and still have fun with it (rather than it being all regimented and scheduled), we're both healthy (don't drink or smoke and are healthy weights) not stressed, both take fertility supplements and I've just started accupuncture

I'm so sorry I don't know what the point of this post is, I just feel so lost and empty. My whole life I've worked in childcare and couldn't wait to be a mum and now I just don't know if it will ever happen. Im 30 next year so know I've still got time but I just don't understand why it's so difficult 😔 and I know some people are worse off than us so I'm feeling guilty about feeling so upset by all of this.

Would be lovely to hear some happy endings from anyone who has struggled with infertility despite no apparent medical reason why they should....?
Thank you 💕

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Bananacloud Mon 03-Dec-18 18:00:53

I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

Good news is you’re still young and you have a lot of options. Just need to find right one for yourself.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help

physicskate Mon 03-Dec-18 18:40:08

Did the gp refer you to the infertility clinic?

MrsM2017 Mon 03-Dec-18 18:55:20

Thank you @Bananacloud 😘

@physicskate not yet, hubby got referred for his SA a couple of weeks ago which we got the results for last week, currently waiting on another appointment for the next step which I guess would be a referral to a clinic?

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wineandcheeseplease Mon 03-Dec-18 18:57:49

Unexplained infertility here. Dh and I both fine but we tried for 5 years. Thankfully we were offered ivf which worked. Good luck

MrsM2017 Mon 03-Dec-18 19:25:42

That's great @wineandcheeseplease so glad you got your little one - do you mind me asking if it was on the first round of IVF?

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RC1985 Mon 03-Dec-18 20:30:39

@MrsM2017 so sorry you are feeling like this. I have only been trying 12 months, was fobbed off a little by my GP so thinking of going private for tests.

Anyway I thought I’d give you a nice story. A colleague of mine tried for a baby for 7 years with no luck and 2 miscarriages. They are both now 38 and have just welcomed a baby girl into the world. It’s stories like this that keep me going.

There are options for unexplained infertility. IUI is less invasive than IVF and cheaper if you decide to go private.

Hugs sent your way xx


wineandcheeseplease Mon 03-Dec-18 21:54:21

@MrsM2017 yes our 1st round was a success

Saltisford Mon 03-Dec-18 22:43:53

Just wondering how you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility if you have only had initial tests through your gp - there may be more to it and perhaps something more readily treatable x

MrsM2017 Tue 04-Dec-18 08:13:26

@RC1985 aww that's a lovely story, thank you for sharing 😊 it's so nice to be reminded that there's hope for everyone - wishing you lots of luck with your baby journey too x

That's wonderful @wineandcheeseplease 💕

@Saltisford no diagnosis as such but when we rang for our results it's what the doctor suggested it could be - I've been cleared for pcos (as well as having day 1-4 and 21 bloods done) and hubbys SA was completely normal too. Not sure what else it could be and as 'unexplianed fertility' was mentioned to us I think I just assumed that's what were struggling with? Not sure what other tests they might do? But so hoping you're right and that whatever it is it will be fixable? x

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mommybear1 Tue 04-Dec-18 12:45:50

Hi @MrsM2017 sorry to hear what you're going through. We tried for 7 years we were told unexplained as all our gp test results came back fine, our further tests when we looked into ivf also came back fine. We had two goes at ivf privately which were unsuccessful and time was ticking for me so I was concerned about my egg quality. I read "it starts with an egg" and started to look more objectively at ivf and look at which clinics gave the best results for our age range. During this time ttc we had three miscarriages so we were convinced there was something else going on. I took the supplements recommended for my age group and had a consultation with a new ivf clinic with the best stats for my age range - he was fabulous he said it was unexplained as far as he was concerned as our clinic results looked good - the supplements I was taking were what he would recommend and added in 3 others and also 3 for my DH that was in Jan 17 we were due to start ivf in the late March 17 and I found out I was pregnant naturally at the beginning of March- I had my pfb in the October. I don't know if it was the additional supplements I took after seeing this chap or just good luck that we finally caught but I hope this gives you some comfort - ask lots of questions, do a lot of your own reading up etc. Ivf is tough and there are a lot of "add ins" they try and give you and frankly when you are desperate you'll pay as you just want it to work. We found out from our nice consultant that various things suggested to us (and ones we actually did) were pointless at the time of egg transfer eg embryo glue - the time we were transferring (3 day) meant that this would not clinically assist apparently it's test results show better success in 5 and 7 day transfers - we were not told this.

Good luck OP if you want to pm me feel free thanks

Cherries101 Tue 04-Dec-18 13:06:02

Have you taken Level 1 and Level 2 tests? Infertility is not classed as unexplained unless all of the tests involved in L1/2 come back negative. Have you had a hsg? Have you had a transvaginal ultrasound to look at your ovaries? Have you had a blood test for pcos? A laparoscopy for endometriosis?

MrsM2017 Tue 04-Dec-18 13:58:59

@mommybear1 thank you so much! That sounds like quite a journey but so glad you had a happy ending eventually - it would be great if I could message with any queries if we end up going down the IVF route so thank you so much 😊💕

@Cherries101 I didnt know there were level 1 and level 2 tests - my gp has explained the tests to me but never described them as that so possibly different practices do it differently maybe? I've had the day 1-4 and day 21 blood tests, cervical smear, transvaginal ultrasound and tests for pcos (as well as being cleared of sti's etc). However not had a laparoscopy or HCG test so I'm guessing this is what they might suggest next?
I'm so sorry if it seems like I self diagnosed by saying "unexplained fertility" that wasn't my intention at all 😔- it was just what was suggest that it might be by my go at our last appt. Thank you for replying though, it's good to know there are some more tests we can have to hopefully find some answers 🤞🏻

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Cherries101 Tue 04-Dec-18 14:08:16

Ye self-diagnosing doesn’t do you any favours. Get all the tests done you can but remember you probably won’t receive all of them unless you go to an IVF clinic. And L1/L2 tests are v important if all of the other tests come back negative — often what’s ‘unexplained’ can be diagnosed in one of those tests.

mommybear1 Tue 04-Dec-18 20:16:49

@MrsM2017 please do - wishing you lots of luck, love and positivity xxx

CasDk Tue 04-Dec-18 22:13:17

We took three years to conceive and were given the dreaded 'unexplained' label. In my experience there is always a factor, just not always in the eyes of traditional medicine. My advice would be follow your instincts, don't waste time, money and heartache on the things /treatments that don't feel right. We eventually found a good acupuncturist (after rounds of crappy ones) and went to an amazing lady at Catching Rainbows. We eventually found our way through a few simple tweaks. I type this now feeding my beautiful 7 week old. Miracles happen every day. Believe it! You are not alone and are super strong ladies to be on this journey. Wishing you all the luck from the bottom of my heart. It's not easy but oh my god it's worth the years of pain to get here xxx

Londonwriter Wed 05-Dec-18 15:42:00

Well, I'm unexplained and my next-door neighbour was unexplained too.

She had two children on two IVF cycles at what is apparently a really rubbish IVF clinic. She's now in her 50s and has never conceived naturally - so whatever was causing the problem was easy to solve via IVF.

I had my son naturally, aged 36, after three years and treatment for an inflammatory disorder. I'm now hoping to start an IVF cycle in January for a second child.

All unexplained means is that it's not obvious with the standard tests what is wrong. It could be anything. One person discovered on their first IVF cycle that their eggs let in far too many sperm, and turned into a horrible pile of genetic junk. They were never going to conceive on their own. Another person had a thyroid problem treated, aged 38, after multiple failed cycles of IVF and now has two kids naturally.

The good thing about unexplained is that the problem can always resolve itself on its own. Lots of people with unexplained infertility subsequently become pregnant on their own - even after failed IVF cycles. That's obviously not a possibility if you have blocked tubes, aren't ovulating or there's no sperm.

TheArtfulScreamer Wed 05-Dec-18 20:27:44

My DH and I are also unexplained and after 5 years we had our one NHS IVF round in June and I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant. We had the initial tests that you've had at our GPs we then got ref to clinic and I had a HSG, Ultrasound, Lap and Dye, Hycosy and a hydrosalapinx removed before we were ref for IVF. Although we've been categorised as unexplained I have a good immune system and suspect that my cervical mucus was perhaps killing my DH sperm off before it was reaching its destination but this is just me trying to find an explanation when I have no medical reason or background to even know if this is a viable theory, but it suits me to believe this rather than deal with uncertainty and unexplained.

summertimehere Wed 05-Dec-18 21:07:16

@mommybear1 lovely to hear, do you mind me asking what we’re tge extra supplements you took?

Saltisford Wed 05-Dec-18 21:10:42

@MrsM2017 I think like everyone has explained there are many different diagnoses you could end up with once all investigations have been completed - the more in depth ones are done at the infertility clinic. Like you I found everything initially to be fine - all blood tests, scan etc but then found I had a blocked tube through the hycosy test and laparoscopy. I’ve no obvious symptoms of this. In a way though that has given me the go ahead for IVF treatment that’ll hopefully get us over the barrier (literally). X

ellesbellesxxx Wed 05-Dec-18 21:17:35

We got referred after 14 months to fertility clinic (after like you, all initial tests were fine)
She scanned me and straight away could see my egg count was v low for my age.. which an AMH blood test backed up. This alone would explain a lot but a few months later I had a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy which showed twisty/slow tubes too (and small ovaries so was probably born with less eggs)
We started ivf 2 months later and despite my low egg count, 2 of those eggs are now 18 months old!
Low egg count wouldn’t have been enough to get us ivf, we would have had to keep trying for 3 years in total but the lap showed my tubes would make it v unlikely to conceive naturally.
Good luck x

mommybear1 Thu 06-Dec-18 09:16:02

@summertimehere hi I've PM'd you with the details

MrsM2017 Thu 06-Dec-18 11:09:10

Thank you so much everyone for replies 💕 the GP phoned me yesterday to say she has put in a referral for me and hubby at the fertility clinic at our local hospital so guessing we'll find out more in the new year 😊

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Hana1979 Thu 06-Dec-18 15:45:05

Hi @mommybear1 would you mind sending me the same details please? About to embark on my third and final treatment in the new year so looking for all info going! Thanks so much x

mommybear1 Thu 06-Dec-18 19:47:57

@Hana1979 sent grin

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