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RC1985 Sat 01-Dec-18 14:45:10

Hi ladies

I put this in the conception board but thought I’d put it on here too.
Wanted to ask your thoughts on going through the NHS for tests vs private tests. I’m happy to pay and like the fact you can go together and they do many of the tests that day but if you have tests privately and then you need IVF, can you then go on the NHS waiting list? Do any of you have experience of this?

I’ve been TTC for a year, am 33, DH 38. I don’t want to wait too long and would rather get things moving so just asking for peoples experiences really.

Also if we need help I’d rather go through IUI as it seems less invasive, if we can. Have any of you experienced this?

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VenusStarr Sun 02-Dec-18 10:58:58

We booked back to back appointments and I'd told the receptionist what we were coming for so the GP was already in the loop when we sat down.

If it's stressing you out, go private. I've found ttc very hard because it's out of my control. Seeing the GP helped me relax because we have a short term plan. It seems yours haven't been that helpful though flowers

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