No eggs at IVF egg collection

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JeNeBaguetteRien Fri 30-Nov-18 18:47:18

Fingers crossed for you Cariad, I hope my cynicism isn't off-putting!
It's worth bearing in mind that most people don't get pregnant first cycle, it's just that I identified with the feeling of being 'cheated' when you don't get a chance for the IVF to work.
I will keep at it, and will look out for good news from you 💐

Cariad82 Fri 30-Nov-18 18:09:48

@JeNeBaguetteRien thank you for all of the information. I will definitely use it. All the best too x

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JeNeBaguetteRien Fri 30-Nov-18 08:43:52

See what answers they give about what they would do differently. If the CCG will part fund another cycle that could be a good option. Blood tests on their own wouldn't sway me, I was just pointing out the differences in how thorough some clinics are (and not necessarily based on whether treatment is NHS or self-funded, my first clinic didn't do them for private patients either).

I think I've become a bit of a cynic, but apart from the drugs egg collection is the most expensive part of an IVF cycle. I'm with a different clinic and if my cycle is cancelled before egg collection I would have only paid for drugs and scans. Whereas if they go ahead with egg collection and it is cancelled before transfer I would pay almost the full cycle cost.
If the clinic is getting paid by the CCG for a full cycle of IVF regardless of outcome, and then getting further private patients from that cycle... Well, it makes me wonder why they didn't make clear to you what your options were with only 2 follicles.

With my AMH I'll never get a large number of follicles or eggs, and with 2 follicles I might decide to still go ahead with egg collection knowing the risks, there is a chance of eggs and many stories out there of how it only takes one.

A suggestion for you might be monitoring antral follicle count for a few cycles and then starting short protocol on a cyclewhen the numbers are relatively high for you.
Good luck.

Cariad82 Fri 30-Nov-18 06:36:15

@DameSylvieKrin - no eggs at all. I'm looking it to different things like empty follicle syndrome and different types of ivf like natural ivf. I want to go to my review appointment armed with lots of information.

@JeNeBaguetteRien - I've been really happy with my clinic so far and I chose them based on them having the best results in my area plus good reviews. But you're right, I feel like they should have had a conversation with me about this. I've checked and my CCG pay a failed cycle ( failed before transfer) at 1/3 so I'm going to get in touch and see if we can use the remainder towards the next cycle.

My clinic didn't do blood monitoring either and now I'm wondering if somewhere that did would be better. But then it's s very well established clinic and they have good results and so maybe it's not really necessary. So much to think about. Knowledge is power and all that and I want to be as informed as possible so I can make the best decision. Especially now each further cycle will be such a financial hit.

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JeNeBaguetteRien Thu 29-Nov-18 22:56:59

I think it's very poor that they didn't warn you properly about this potential outcome with only 2 follicles, not all follicles contain eggs so they could have foreseen this.
They may have been surprised by your response but if they were scanning you they should have known. Many clinics also do blood tests though mine did not.

Not all clinics are created equal and as you say I'd be questioning why they didn't give you the option of cancelling. It may be that your CCG funding rules are that once you've had your drugs that's your cycle 'used' but even if that is the case they should have spoken to you about it. And if that is not the case (you may have to dig to find out) then it does seem strange they proceeded to egg collection.

My first cycle was long protocol, I was 37 then with an AMH of 2. As I said there were only 3 follicles that weren't responding, ie weren't growing large enough so the cycle was cancelled. A few months later I had a short protocol cycle with 6 follicles and 4 eggs collected, 3 of those mature, 2 embryos, unfortunately no pregnancy.

I'd been having private scans some months after the first cycle to get an idea of antral follicle count (it was usually 6-10).

You may respond better to different drugs in a future cycle.
My first one was Buserelin and Gonal F, at maximum dose 450, second was Cetrotide and Gonal F initially 450 and reduced to 350.
Next cycle the plan is Menopur.

At your appointment let them speak first. Ask why they think the response was poor, what they would do differently in a future cycle. The first round is often seen as a learning opportunity. Even if you go to another clinic your notes from this round will give them some useful information.

I remember very well how I felt after my cancelled cycle, be kind to yourself.

DameSylvieKrin Thu 29-Nov-18 19:49:57

Did you have zero eggs or no mature ones? I had no mature ones on my cycle with 450 daily. The next time I had mini-ivf with 75 every other day plus clomid, and got four and subsequently a bfp.

Cariad82 Thu 29-Nov-18 19:46:51

Than you both.

@JeNeBaguetteRien (great name btw) - good to hear you had a successful retrieval following a cancelled cycle. That gives me some hope. I’m most scared they’re going to write us off and say go straight to donor eggs, which I’m not ready for. Yes it was an nhs cycle. Our only one. Do you mind me asking how your second better protocol different from your cancelled one? I have my review in 2 weeks and am going to do as much research as I can between then and now on my options

@windy2909 - I will raise the issue of a cancellation not being discussed with me. I don’t feel like they’ve managed my expectations very well at all to be honest. They’ve been very positive throughout, which is nice in a way, but they didn’t ever suggest I could expect results this bad. It all just feel like a bad dream

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windy2909 Thu 29-Nov-18 19:02:47

@cariad82 - so sorry to hear this, it’s no wonder you’re devastated.

I think you should perhaps express your disappointment that the decision was not made to cancel the cycle and try you again later with a more suitable protocol? It’s so much to go through for nothing and I think they need to know this.

I am of similar age and amh and I was on long protocol. I over stimulated and have lots of follies and they retrieved 6 eggs, which they were quite disappointed by, as they were expecting more.

Take care of yourself and take time to get over what has happened to you x

JeNeBaguetteRien Thu 29-Nov-18 14:16:05

So sorry Cariad, I had a cycle cancelled earlier in the year before egg collection as the follicles were too small. I did have another cycle where they retrieved 4 eggs.

Had your clinic warned you this could happen? I guess you'll need a follow up ASAP to find out what went wrong and what they would recommend (if you would stay with them).
Was your treatment NHS or private?

It feels absolutely awful now but you will get through this. 💐

Cariad82 Thu 29-Nov-18 13:43:55

First found of IVf I did short protocol, age 36, fsh 8.5, amh 16. 450 dose of menopur. Got 2 follicles and no eggs at egg collection. I'm devastated. Had anyone had this happen and where did you go from there?

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