BFP closely followed by OHSS - anyone?

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Cobblestones Tue 27-Nov-18 17:30:30

Ladies. I’ve tested positive two days ago. Had ivf. Single embryo transfer. Pcos. And have developed moderate OHSS. Belly is bloated up as if I’m 6 months preg.

Hospital says the fluid is in the abdomen so it’s not life threatening and that it’ll resolve on its own. 5 days now and I’m miserable. Can’t stand up straight. Can’t take deep breadths. Small movements hurt like anything. When I google it says some people felt better after they reached 10 weeks. (!!)

Has anyone been through this? Any stories or words of advice (how to manage?) pls do share. I’m really hoping this doesn’t impact whatever chance the pregnancy has.

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CautiousOptimist Tue 27-Nov-18 18:55:30

Hi Cobblestones, I will jump on board as I am in the same situation, minus the BFP! I had an IVF transfer 10 days ago and inflated like a whale one week on from that - so have had OHSS for 3 days so far. My test date is Friday so obviously I’m hoping for good news.

It is so uncomfortable, I can totally empathise. Trying to get comfortable to sleep is the worst for me.

Hopefully someone will be along soon to tell us how to manage it. I understand it could last a few weeks?

windy2909 Tue 27-Nov-18 19:08:57

Hello ladies,

My understanding is that OHSS after treatment will basically start to mend itself when your hormones settle down. This is usually relatively quick as you will no longer be using ivf meds. However, if you are pregnant, it is the hcg hormone that makes the OHSS worse.

I had to have a freeze all as my clinic refused to proceed due to OHSS. They said if you become pregnant, you can become very unwell, worst case scenario, having to spend your first trimester in hospital. I hope this does not happen to either of you.

I am really surprised that many clinics don’t seem to be as cautious as mine was with this. I begged them to do a transfer at the time, absolutely prepared to take the risk, and they categorically refused.

Please keep an eye on your symptoms and if they get worse, seek medical advice quickly.

Cobblestones Tue 27-Nov-18 19:24:37

@Windy I was in the same position as you during my first cycle. I developed symptoms after ec but before transfer so the clinic refused the transfer and had to freeze. During my second cycle I had no symptoms before the transfer. You’re right it’s the hcg that makes it worse. I did spend one night in the hospital but have since been discharged and will be kept an eye on through day assessments. Really hope I don’t end up in the hospital again.

@Cautious it sounds like you didn’t have symptoms before the transfer either? Pls keep a careful watch on the symptoms. Seek medical help if you feel like its impacting your breathing.

If anyone reading this has any advice to offer on managing ohss over a longer period pls do tell. I’m trying to eat small meals. I’ve been told only to drink to thirst. And basically hope for the best. I can’t believe that modern medicine has no quick fix like a pill to eject the fluid!

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Springb0ks Tue 27-Nov-18 20:46:48

@cobblestones, congrats on your BFP! This happened to me and I started to feel much better around 12-13 weeks. Bloating was on and off, but my ovaries stayed really swollen. I'm 17 weeks now and feeling much better. I found that I really didn't want to drink much water, but it really did help when I did. Small sips frequently.

Cobblestones Tue 27-Nov-18 21:03:38

Thanks Springbok. So does this mean you had the symptoms for 6-8 weeks? 😱

I think I remember your name from a previous thread in the summer. Glad it worked out for you 😊

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Springb0ks Tue 27-Nov-18 21:17:08

@cobblestones, I recognise you too from the August thread I think? Over the moon it has worked out for you too! I'm afraid I did have symptoms that long, I'm sorry! But they were very manageable and 100% worth it. Wishing you all the luck in the world with your pregnancy 

Cobblestones Tue 27-Nov-18 21:42:21

Thank you @springbok and all the best to you too. 😊 Yes it must have been August when I went through a FET but that didn’t work out so just recently went through another full ivf cycle.

@cautious all the best for your test date.

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Glitteryglitter Tue 27-Nov-18 21:49:45

I had the same resolved itself by 6-8 weeks I was miserable for the first few weeks though.

Congratulations on your BFP!

CritterTamer Wed 28-Nov-18 14:46:51

@Cobblestones - I developed late onset moderate OHSS. I wasnt considered at risk before my double embryo transfer as onl6 had 12 eggs collected, however I became pregnant with twins and the HCG caused the OHSS to start up 4 days after my transfer. I didn’t know what it was, only that i looked 6 months pregnant and was unable to stand up straight or walk properly (crawling on my hands and knees at times) and was in agony if I tried to lie down on my side. After a few days of this I was really scared so called my clinic who told me congratulations - you’re almost certainly pregnant. Rushedme in for scans and blood tests right away which showed an abdomen full of free fluid and an beta HCG of 600 at 9dpt! I was immediately put on blood thinner injections and told to drink 4l of water per day. Currently 10 weeks pregnant with these twins, and sadly the OHSS has only settled properly in the last few days. The clinic warned it may continue until 10-12 weeks due to HCG levels keeping the ovaries hyper stimulated. One of my ovaries is still the size of a tennis ball but it only hurts now if I twist or try to sleep on my side. It will subside eventually OP but be on the lookout for danger signs like trouble passing urine as it can be very serious.

CritterTamer Wed 28-Nov-18 14:52:33

P.S. I meant to say that my clinic said the blood thinner injections were important as OHSS causes thickening of the blood which could affect blood supply to your embryo and also cause dangerous blood clots so might be worth asking about this if your clinic hasn’t already mentioned it. As far as tips for coping - not much really - drinking A LOT eased the pain a little but otherwise I had to rest in bed a lot as I really couldn’t move about much for the first 3 weeks or so. Don’t try to lie on your side!

Cobblestones Wed 28-Nov-18 15:52:04

@glittery 6-8 weeks would be amazing. It sounds like that would be earlier than what most have experienced.

@critter thank you for your detailed post. So helpful. What you described is exactly how I feel. Turning in bed is the worst. Congrats on your twins!! Hope the rest of the pregnancy continues more smoothly for all of us ❤️

I’ll ask about the blood thinning injection. I’m going into the hospital every 2 days for assessment so I’ll make sure I ask about it the next time.

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CautiousOptimist Wed 28-Nov-18 19:17:26

Thank you everyone for sharing your tips and stories, it has really helped. I’m back in hospital with the OHSS today as breathing has become more difficult. I will ask about the blood-thinning meds.
The silver lining is that I took a test today (test date is Friday but I needed some good news!) and it was positive. So Cobblestones, we’re in the same boat. Fingers crossed for sticky beans for us both!

Cobblestones Wed 28-Nov-18 22:22:14

Congrats @cautious! One small ray of hope to help us get through this period of misery. I hope you don’t have to stay in the hospital for too long.

If you find that talking here helps we can keep each other motivated (and maybe whine now then smile ) to get through the next few weeks ❤️

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CautiousOptimist Fri 30-Nov-18 19:06:34

Hi Cobblestones, was just wondering how you’re doing? I was discharged from hospital today and am home. How are your symptoms? Are you able to carry on doing things or is life pretty much on hold?

Since I got home I’ve got out some maternity clothes and my DreamGenie from a previous pregnancy. I’m just having a rest with the latter and I think it’s going to be a godsend as the nights in hospital were pretty uncomfortable.

If you discover any survival tips please do pass them on!

Do you have a viability scan booked? Mine is on 21st Dec.

Fingers crossed for us!

Cobblestones Sat 01-Dec-18 15:16:42

Hi @cautious glad to hear you’re out of hospital. The worst thing about being hospital for me is the interrupted sleep so I’m very grateful to be home. I’ve been going into hospital every 2-3 days for assessment. While I’m pretty much the same since last weekend, atleast my symptoms haven’t worsened. And yes life is pretty much on hold. I can’t imagine going to work in this state. Small movements hurt but if I remain in a static position then I’m fine. Having said that I try to take baby steps around the house to keep the blood flow going.

The one thing I have discovered that really helps is to stay slightly elevated when lying in bed. We ordered in this trapezium shaped hard pillow so that allows my head and chest to stay elevated like it would in hospital. It stops the fluid from rising upwards during sleep. Also I’m having small snacks during the day every 2-3 hours rather than a full meal.

Your scan is quite some time from now. Mine is a week on Monday. They’re hoping to see the baby then. I can’t get excited yet coz of two miscarriages before. I’m just really hoping I get third time lucky. After all this suffering I hope there is a silver lining for us both.

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Cobblestones Thu 06-Dec-18 12:09:46

Hi @cautious how are you feeling?

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CautiousOptimist Thu 06-Dec-18 12:26:00

Hi Cobblestones! A little better actually, thanks. I measure my waist every morning and it’s gone down a couple of cm. I can breathe deeply again! I’ve dropped a few kg on the scales too, and can drive and run little errands and get ready for Christmas.

How about you? I do hope you’re feeling a little better too. Do you have pregnancy symptoms - nausea etc. - too or is it mainly bloating and stomach pain at the moment?

Cobblestones Thu 06-Dec-18 13:08:39

That’s great to hear! I’m also much better than I was one week ago. My weight’s come down and my stomach has reduced as well. Every day I feel slightly better than the day before. I just have this slight pain in my right ovary that comes and goes..

No blaring pregnancy symptoms as yet. Very light nausea in the background. I should be 6 weeks tomorrow..

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CautiousOptimist Thu 06-Dec-18 13:39:21

That’s great, I’m so pleased to hear you’re feeling better. I’m almost exactly a week behind you.
Hopefully it continues and I have my fingers crossed for your scan on Monday, let me know how it goes.

CautiousOptimist Tue 11-Dec-18 10:59:27

Hi Cobblestones, I thought of you yesterday, I do hope you had good news at your scan and everything is looking OK.

Cherries101 Tue 11-Dec-18 14:25:52

I had moderate OHSS and everybody breathed a sigh of relief when it started to improve because then I would’ve been pregnant and that would have made everything a lot worse. One thing they should have told you is that OHSS makes you more likely to get preclamsia — make sure you have more doppler scans, pay for them if you have to.

Cobblestones Fri 14-Dec-18 12:52:02

Hi @cautious sorry for the late reply I had the scan early this week and it showed a tiny embryo and a flicker so I was relieved. But the relief didn’t last very long. Been stressed out since the following day and now counting down to my next scan in a week’s time.

How are you feeling?

Btw the scan also showed that most of the fluid had disappeared. There is still a little bit in the abdomen however the ovaries are still very enlarged so they are continuing to keep a close eye on me.

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Cobblestones Fri 14-Dec-18 12:55:02

Hi @cherries at what point did you start to feel better? Was the onset of your ohss before or after embryo transfer?

Thanks for the information about preclampsia. Though I’m wondering how Doppler scans will give more information about that.. ?

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CautiousOptimist Fri 21-Dec-18 13:40:48

Hi Cobblestones, I hope everything is going well with you and you’re another positive scan down now.

I had my early scan this morning at 7 weeks + 5, I saw my tiny baby for the first time with a strong heartbeat, so I’m feeling much more positive.

My ovaries are still pretty swollen with follicles the size of golf balls and bigger, but I’m a lot more comfortable. Just the occasional twinge.

All the best over the next few weeks.

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