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fulanigirl Tue 27-Nov-18 14:51:19


My husband and I have now been trying to conceive for 18 months now. We have had the following tests done privately:

Sperm analysis - normal
21 day progesterone - normal
Amh scan - normal
Hycosy - all clear

We had to do it privately because our GP refused to refer us. Now that all our tests are normal, what is next? I haven't had a follow up appointment yet to discuss this and they are sorting out an nhs referral.

To make things worse, my office is being closed and will transfer us to a new city. I want to look for another job but I am concerned about what the impact would be on maternity leave or pay.

Some advice from people that have or are going through this will help. sad

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Bananacloud Wed 28-Nov-18 13:08:20

I’m sorry you’re going through this.
Maybe phone a local clinic up and ask them. Book an appointment even and get to know all your options and then decide best course of action from there.
Best of luck to you

AgainPlease Wed 28-Nov-18 13:28:06

Perhaps book a consultation at a fertility clinic if you are thinking of going private. No idea how it works on the NHS but for us, after no success for 18 months and all tests coming back normal, we had an initial consultation at our local private fertility clinic who suggested IUI to which we said no, then he said how about IVF to which we said yes and went from there. Good luck!

fulanigirl Thu 29-Nov-18 09:14:05

Thanks @Bananacloud , I think I will give them a call and see what my options are. @AgainPlease we did all those tests privately but can't really afford to do ivf on our own, so we decided to try the nhs route. If after one cycle of ivf you know it will work then maybe we could try it, but you just never know how many cycles you will need. smile

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