UK gynaecologist when doing IVF/FET overseas?

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Rumplestrumpet Tue 27-Nov-18 14:37:19

Hello all,
After successful ICSI treatment in France a few years ago, we now want to do Frozen Embryo Transfer. But we've moved back to the UK, while our little frostie is still back in France. It seems easier and cheaper to just travel back to France for FET, and we'll do a medicated protocol to make planning easier. But the Dr has told me I'll need to have a gynaecologist in the UK to do a scan a week before transfer. And I'll also need someone in the UK to do the prescription (don't imagine I can bring a French prescription into Boots can I?)

Has anyone got experience of this? We don't have an OBGYN in the UK in the same way you do in France (French can't believe you go to the GP for a smear test!).

Welcome any advice!

Thanks all

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charlyn Tue 27-Nov-18 22:39:31

I’m not sure about the prescription but you can pay for a private scan at most fertility clinics. Yes can also get one done at a baby bond ultrasound place, they have them all over the country.

Rumplestrumpet Wed 28-Nov-18 08:50:37

Ah thanks Charlyn that's good to know. I have a private scan place near me (where I sadly found out I had miscarried last time), hadn't thought to ask if they do this. I'll get in touch with them.
If anyone has any wise ideas on prescriptions do let me know!

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AniSL Wed 28-Nov-18 21:19:43


We are doing FET in Greece, they emailed my prescription to Stork Fertility who dropped them off. Scans we will be doing at the Birth Company in Harley Street. Plenty of scan clinics around that will do all sorts of fertility scans. Not sure why they want a UK prescriber when yoy are under the medical care of their clinic

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