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Does anyone know of any resources or support for male partners going through infertility? I feel like all the support and appointments etc. are so female focused (understandably) but I'm aware my DH is really really struggling emotionally. I did a bit of a google but couldn't find anything..

Particularly poignant as we have loads of friends that have just had babies that want to have us round to introduce us. I find this fine, and really love meeting my friends' children, but DH gets quite down every time we go for a visit.

Any advice?

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DaisyMay25 Mon 26-Nov-18 14:05:40

Hi @mayihavesomecakeplease my DH is struggling really bad too.
Our fertility clinic offers counselling for the both of us, perhaps it's worth you asking about?
I'm sure if he spoke to his GP they can offer help too.

Botanica Mon 26-Nov-18 21:56:22

I listed to a podcast this evening about the male perspective. Think it was the Fertility Podcast. Worth a listen.

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