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cwtching Wed 21-Nov-18 17:31:01

Hello ladies, I just wanted to pass on a tip. I’m currently resting up after FET on Monday. This is my 9th round of IVF (we were lucky enough to have our beautiful 4 year old daughter on our first round and the last 8 rounds have been our attempt to give her a sister or brother) so I’ve been through a lot of transfers. Everyone’s body is different but I find the transfer so uncomfortable and painful, I think this is partly because the last 8 times I’ve known what’s coming and my body tenses up. So much so that the last two transfers were awful, lasting about 30 mins each and requiring multiple tries to insert the catheter properly.

This cycle I decided to try accupuncture (which by the way I have found amazing - so relaxing). Before my transfer on Monday my acupuncturist asked me to keep a hot water bottle on my lower abdomen for an hour before transfer and to keep it on in the waiting room right up until going in for the procedure. Her reasoning is that a warm uterus provides a happy place for the embryo to implant, which stands to reason but may or may not be true. ANYWAY, the knock on effect the heat had for me was that it relaxed all of my muscles in that area, and whilst still uncomfortable, it was honestly the smoothest, quickest, easiest transfer ever and I just wanted to pass on the hot water bottle tip in case it helps someone else.

NB as soon as transfer has taken place do NOT use hot water bottles on your abdomen. I’m currently using mine to keep my feet warm - it’s so chilly!

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Guio Wed 21-Nov-18 18:21:29

Hello,first thanks for your trip as I will have my first transfer if everything goes well in 2 weeks.Second I am amazed that you have gone through this 9 times,you are very brave.I get 2 rounds on the nsh so I hope I am the lucky one....I will do acupuncture the day of the transfer as well as I heard it can be good.

cwtching Wed 21-Nov-18 23:29:57

The very best of luck Giuo! I’m a big fan of accupuncture. I have found it so helpful this cycle.

The 9 cycles have been mix of fresh and frozen cycles and it has been a tough two years constantly failing, but I keep on trying for myself and my husband, but mostly for my little girl who has brought us such incredible joy and who I love with every fibre of my being. I’d love to be able to give her a sibling. But if this process has taught me anything it is how incredibly lucky we were to have her on our first cycle and how lucky we are to live in a country/ time where IVF is available to enable us to have our precious girl in the first place.

Wishing you so much luck!

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Lollipop30 Wed 21-Nov-18 23:32:43

I also found having ear phones in with music on great for taking your mind elsewhere. Good luck both 😊

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