Private sperm analysis.

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Mseddy Mon 19-Nov-18 08:46:39


Just after some advice for people who have gone privately to have sperm analysis completed. Any recommendations? Rough costs?

Bit of background, we are very likely to have fertility issues due to previous medical history. We have been TTC for 6 months without medical intervention partly because we wanted to experience the "normal" side of TTC, and partly because I want to be a healthier weight for when we do seek fertility assistance. This last month has been too much for me, I feel like I'm carrying the stress and dashed hopes that comes with TTC but also carrying round the huge burdon that our chances of conceiving naturally are likely non existent. So we have decided to have sperm analysis to know for once and all rather than driving myself insane each month with worrying about both circumstances.

Thanks in advance for any help

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LillyLeaf Mon 19-Nov-18 09:06:02

Is it yourself or your partner that has the previous medical history? If it's your partner it's likely your GP will offer the SA due to the medical history. If you have to go private, you can go to any private fertility clinic, ours charge £150 for a SA and consultation.

LillyLeaf Mon 19-Nov-18 09:09:09

We actually had a couples fertility check so we both had some tests done, I think we had only been ttc for 8 months or. I do think it's a good idea to get some info about your chances.

Mseddy Mon 19-Nov-18 09:26:00

Thanks @lillyleaf. Yes it was my DH. We have complicated matters by moving from the area where he was treated and sperm stored originally to a new area a few hours away. When he spoke to GP about it a few months back they where very unhelpful and didn't really understand our situation. I don't want fertility treatment yet, my BMI doesn't qualify us for IVF but I'm on with sorting that. We just want black and white answers about his sperm to help get our heads around which path we are actually on. I'm not sure if that even makes sense. I would quite like to know as quickly as we can as well so I'd rather pay for the speed and ease of going private.

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LillyLeaf Mon 19-Nov-18 09:31:03

It's really easy for a private test then. Although it's likely he'll need 2 tests a few months apart. I totally understand just wanting to know what you're dealing with. Good luck

Mseddy Mon 19-Nov-18 10:36:24

Thanks @lillyleaf I'm going to ring around today

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CrossedToTheDarkSide Mon 19-Nov-18 13:49:51

In the same boat as you pretty much! At work atm so will reply properly later but booked in to have our private SA next week!


Mseddy Wed 21-Nov-18 19:18:40

Thanks @crossedtothedarkside that would be great!

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hoping2018 Thu 22-Nov-18 07:39:31

Hi @mseddy, if I were you I'd just look into a fertility initial consultation - I think they're about £300-£500 in my area and included basic checks on woman, sperm and then consultants brief opinion. I have thyroid problems and my bloods showed raised prolactin and raised fsh. So we assumed I was the reason we weren't conceiving - turned out it was DH in the end but I wish we'd done it all at the same time. Also my FSH meant we got early referral to the local fertility clinic - based on husbands sperm result alone the guidance was just recheck in a few months. So we started ivf on the nhs very quickly.

By doing just his sample you're only getting half the story and may be leading yourselves down the wrong path....

hoping2018 Thu 22-Nov-18 07:40:10

Also the initial consultation worked out cheaper than doing all the bits separately!

CrossedToTheDarkSide Thu 22-Nov-18 08:10:12

@mseddy I sent you a PM as didn’t want to ramble on here!!

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