Anyone had a bfp after years ttc with mfi?

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Donnas146 Sun 18-Nov-18 14:19:03

Just what the title says really I live for these stories and don’t see them a lot so just wondering anyone had a bfp after 2+years of ttc with only male infertility? 7years trying this Christmas and I just need some hope before treatment starts (fingers crossed) next year x

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Donnas146 Sun 18-Nov-18 19:16:23


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piopina Sun 18-Nov-18 20:55:48

Yes, natural conception after treatment for my husband who had a low count, low motility and very low morphology. Good luck thanks

Donnas146 Sun 18-Nov-18 21:48:13

Hi @piopina
I’ve been trying for several years now my hubby has low count low motility don’t know morph as was too low to get morph on his sperm analysis can I ask how long you were trying
Hoping me and oh can get a bfp with ivf with ICSI x

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Wholovesorangesoda Fri 23-Nov-18 09:41:53

Sadly not over here. Been trying for 3.5 yearsand no hint of a bfp. We also didn't get a very detalied semen analysis result as there were too few for them to work with 😞 Also hoping to get success with ICSI. When are you looking to start?

Donnas146 Fri 23-Nov-18 13:59:41

Hiya @Wholovesorangesoda
We have just been referred from the gp to the gynaecologist department at the hospital so haven’t a clue what will happen st the appointment am assuming there will be more testing. Where abouts are you in your journey? Same I don’t think gps prowperly understand sperm tests results as our doctor wasn’t any good with at explaining the results he just said under 2 million very poor motility and couldn’t read morph. We were gutted. I am aware we will never naturally conceive but I hold onto the hope I guess that a miracle will happen. I’m hoping because I don’t have any problems that I’m aware of so far ( I’ve been tested and all seems fine and I’ve also gotten pregnant with an ex partner but no live birth as I had a termination) that the ICSI route will work for us, x

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Wholovesorangesoda Fri 23-Nov-18 14:50:21

If it's like what happened with us, you will have blood tests and a hsg to check your hormones and the shape of your womb and to make sure the tubes are all open. Your partner will probably have a karyotyping blood test too, to check if there are any genetic causes for a low sperm count.
We found out we needed icsi in July 2016, we are saving up and hoping to start in april - we are hoping to do a 3 cycle refund scheme so will pay upfront for 3 rounds and if they all fail we get 50% back, which is basically like only paying for one round (not including the cost for the drugs).
Hopefully you will be fine then. I had a termination at 20 and my daughter was born when I was 23 so I know I could get pregnant l, but that was almost 10 years ago and I cant help feeling my eggs and everything must have gone to pot since then! I found out in my hsg I have a blocked tube, but nobody knows if I have always had it or now. I also have PCOS so we have a double whammy of infertility. Lucky us haha


Donnas146 Fri 23-Nov-18 22:28:40

I’m sorry to hear that @Wholovesorangesoda
I feel exactly the same! I feel because I haven’t been able to get pregnant again that there must be something with me too my prolactin was quite high a few months ago following blood tests and I went into meltdown because I’ve read it can stop implantation or getting caught. It has gone down to normal now for some reason and I have an appointment with the endocrinologist to see what went on. I really hope the ivf goes well for you when do you start?
Thankyou for letting me know a bit of what goes on I feel so in the dark with it all and I’m am quite scared of having a hcg does it hurt? It’s not so much the pain it’s I find I feel faint whenever I have any internal scans or anything for some reason lol x

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Iamneverfull Fri 23-Nov-18 22:35:05

Hi we have just tried for 5 nearly 6 years. Finally my partner got referred to a Urologist in October. They found a huge variocele which is now being operated on in a few weeks. I'm hoping so much that we will now get a bfp! Good luck and ask to see a urologist

Wholovesorangesoda Fri 23-Nov-18 22:48:26

Thats so strange cos I had high prolactin too! When i first went to the gp it was because i had no periods and originally they thought it was a prolactinoma,before they found out it was the pcos. I have no idea if its still high, as I've not actually had any tests done for about 2 years now.
And thank you, weare hoping to start around April time (fingers crossed!)
For me the hcg was quite uncomfortable, but ive read that it generally is if you have a blockage. Its not a hard and fastrule, but for most people ive spoken to it seems to be that if it hurt it's because there was a blockage. Hopefully you wont have to wait too long to get things rolling.
Iamneverfull, how did you get a referral? Did you request one or did the gp do it as a matterof course? DF had nothing further mentioned except basically "you have barely any sperm. You need icsi. There's nothing you can do about it...oh and it will take a miracle to conceive naturally" which is honestly not that far off the consultants actual words. It's just another day at the office for them isn't it, never mind your world just shattered!

Donnas146 Fri 23-Nov-18 22:58:44

That is strange! I still had regular periods though so was just routine bloods because I had to keep pestering my gp about our infertility for months!
I think sometimes it can be down to stress I’ve been very stressed this year about not conceiving and went on holiday then came back and had the bloods again and it was normal so maybe it was relaxing a bit that helped. I wish you all the luck with your ivf please keep me updated hun if you don’t mind xx

It’s so hard to be trying for all those years isn’t it? I’m getting to the end of my tether now and it’s stsrting to affect my mental health so really can’t wait to get the ball rolling, can I ask did your gp refer your hubby straight to a urologist? As this is what I thought would happen with my oh but he’s just referred us both to gynaecology and have been told they will do testing on both of us but I was just confused as I thought gynaecology was only for women. X

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Clearthinking Fri 23-Nov-18 23:04:11

Changed my husband's diet. Got him to eat 2 Brazil nuts a day. Changed his morph and motility in 3 months. Walking a bit more and drinking water.

Donnas146 Fri 23-Nov-18 23:06:29

Hi @Clearthinking my hubby is on supplements for male fertility and has stopped smoking and drinking
His first sa was very very bad under 2 million and motility was only like 6percent he gave up alcohol and had snorer after 3 months and his count was 3 million and his motility was 31percrnt so was an improvement but still not very good
Did you get a natural pregnancy? X

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Iamneverfull Fri 23-Nov-18 23:11:12

My partner went to the GP worried about a lump (this was the variocele) and he was sent for a scan. They found the variocele and so my partner went back to the GP with this news and asked to be referred to the urologist. She said it would almost definitely be a major cause of the low sperm count/everything and that afted the op that our chances will be good!
I know it's really hard trying for such a long time Donnas146. I found it very very difficult to accept in the first 2 years, I was almost hysterical! But I feel calmer now, although I still convince myself that 'this is the month'! How strange about the gynaecologist?! I wonder why..I am going off to research this!

Donnas146 Fri 23-Nov-18 23:24:47

Really hope everything works out for you @Iamneverfull
I know I found it strange I’ve asked and they have said it is for both of us and we will both have tests there so maybe oh will see a urologist too 🤔it is horrendous I honestly wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! It’s been easiest the hardest and most emotionally painful thing I’ve had to deal with in my life! It’s because there is no knowing or control over the whole thing and I am terrified that it won’t ever happen because I have tried for so long I feel like it will never happen to me I actually can’t imagine getting a bfp and being pregnant let alone holding my own baby!
It’s so hard but hope really keeps me going and knowing others have been through the same and have had bfps in the end really do keep sane! Good luck to you hun please keep me updated x

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DaisyMay25 Sat 24-Nov-18 00:38:47

Hello hello,
I thought I'd share my story,
Been trying 18 months which I know isn't long, had an appointment on Monday which confirmed that DH's SA we're not great, small count, large morphology and bad mobility, all round bad news.
We've been referred for ICSI because of the results which I think will happen next March/April

Anyway all this aside, September 2017 I did actually get a bfp! (Sadly ended in mc)
The doctor said chances of us conceiving naturally are very very slim BUT we have done it before!

So in short, yes I have managed a bfp which male infertility I hope this helps

Clearthinking Sat 24-Nov-18 08:40:26

Have you had anything other than bloods? I have just had a lap and dye to check tube and to remove any endometriosis. Stress is the worst. I've not functioned for 3 years properly so I can't imagine what you are going through

Wholovesorangesoda Sat 24-Nov-18 10:08:28

Honestly it's awful to go through but it's so nice to hear from others who have been trying ages and are in the same boat. I feel like I havent actually had a day for the last almost 4 years where I am not under an infertility cloud. I don't think of anything else. I even bore myself with how much i go on about it and think about it, so I can only imagine how DF must feel. He does want a baby a lot, in fact he was the one who persuaded me into trying in the beginning as I wanted to wait a bit longer, but I think its far more of a biological urge for women than it is for men so affects us differently.
I hope we all get a positive result!
DF is going to start a diet and taking supplements next month/Jan so that we have had a few months of it by the time we start ivf. Im curious as to whether it will have any effect on sperm counts etc. Im nervous too, as by then it will be 3 years since the last one and if it was low then (under 1mil) what if its even lower now?! Its a scary thought. Plus yet more expense if we have to have a surgical sperm retrieval. Will try not to worry about that unless it happens though.
DaisyMay25 that's amazing you had a bfp although I'm very sorry to hear it ended in a mc. What sort of count were you looking at?

Beherenow32 Sat 24-Nov-18 10:38:48

@Donnas146 I fell pregnant after 4 rounds of ICSI ( we had been trying 4 years). DH has azoopermia so no chance of natural conception. Very grateful for ICSI!
Good luck!

DaisyMay25 Sat 24-Nov-18 11:15:44

@Wholovesorangesoda the first time I think count was at 5mil and this time 7.5mil mobility was at about 1-2% and morphology was at 89% it's been over a year since we conceived so who knows what they were back then. I was reading up on diet last night so DH is going to be eating walnuts, Brazil nuts, bananas and red fruit

Donnas146 Sat 24-Nov-18 11:39:10

I’ve had an internal scan and abdominal and both ovaries were seen and was told everything looked normal the doctor said there was lots of ova whatever that means, I have been pregnant when I was younger and carried till 14 weeks till I had a termination you don’t know how much I actually think it was karma because of me know wanting a child and not conceiving stupid thought I know but can’t help it. My oh has been eating better he used to drink quite a lot ( I think it was to mask his feelings of knowing we can’t conceive because of him) because he would get very drunk and get really upset about it and then doesn’t talk about it when he’s sober. The gp told him to cut down or stop drinking and he did but now has a few beers a week which is still a good improvement to before. I have read walnuts are very good so I pack them in his lunch and he now eats better than he did and takes supplements, I was going to get him on fertilaid but think I’m just going to wait until our appointment in janruary so we can see what further tests will be done on me and oh.

@Beherenow32 I’m so glad to hear you finally got your baby! It’s so hard isn’t it and I’m sorry to hear about your oh
When I was first googling about male infertility I came across azoospermia and didn’t even know that was a thing that could happen!

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Iamneverfull Sat 24-Nov-18 12:01:09

Donnas my partner did the same, he totally lost the plot and I thought we were going to separate but a few years on he's ok now. I would say he is emotionally better because he openly talks about it to his friends, colleagues and family. Its quite nice as everyone openly asks us questions, it's less lonely and they are all routing for us.
You will get there Donnas, if you get your bfp please let me know. Its nice to hear. I also had a laparoscopy recently, had mild endometriosis and they got rid of most of it. Checked for blockages with the dye. They might offer you this, to check your tubes, take up the offer because the dye helps apparently.

Donnas146 Sun 25-Nov-18 18:46:59

Yeah that’s exactly how my oh was too he’s not as bad anymore I think this is because he went and done the sa which he was avoiding for years as he was scared nothing could be done but I’ve told him we have got options. Think men just like to sweep in under the carpet and try and hide there emotions about it. That’s good that you and your oh have opened up and get support, I don’t think we will ever tell ohs family as they are not understand and would only make fun ( I know horrible!) his brothers are quite harsh and have a lot of banter so I know he would never tell them. Only my mom knows about it and she is really supporting she’s been my rock aswell. I was thinking a lap and dye is the next test they would give me? Seeing as I’ve had internal and bloods I’m actually quite scared of it lol

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Beherenow32 Sun 25-Nov-18 20:00:12

@Donnas146 I didn’t have a lap and dye, as it was confirmed that the issue was mfi... so, maybe you won’t need it just now? I had the usual blood tests and scan. Xx

Donnas146 Sun 25-Nov-18 20:45:05

Oh I thought that I would need to have one before moving to ivf x

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