Please could I have some help with dh sperm analysis

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Fairydreamimg Sat 17-Nov-18 12:24:01

My dh has had a first seman analysis and I was unable to go to the appointment with him he has forgotten what they said his actual sperm count was. The analysis is worse than we hoped but the drs didn’t seem that alarmed to my dh tell him that I should wait until the new year and If not pregnant then for myself to go in and start investigations. But as the results aren’t as great as should be I feel we are wasting time Waiting until January/February time.

Here’s the restults if anyone could spread any light or hope on them!

Abstinence: 3 days
Viscosity, appearance and liquefaction: normal
PH: 8.5
Volume: 0.9
Motility Progressive: 36%
Motility Non-Progressive: 8%
Motility Immotile: 56%
Vitality live sperm: 36%
Vitality non-vital sperm: 64%
Morphology: 2.8%
Sperm concentration: 5.45

What I can’t figure out is the sperm count? I know it should be above 15mil/mL but what is dh?

Many thanks 💗

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Donnas146 Sat 17-Nov-18 12:32:25

I think concentration means the count but I’m not to sure motility progressive are the ones actually moving so I think and vitality live sperm 36% means the ones alive and swimming forward I think that percent is just normal
If the concentration is 5.45 I think it means 5 and a half million per mil
But I’m not a doctor so don’t take my word for it if you can ring your gp for a call back and get them to explain but I have got to say my gp didn’t have a clue what he was on about and wouldn’t explain my hubbys results properly so I had to google and research myself to properly understand them x

Birdie6 Sat 17-Nov-18 12:40:50

This might help with comparing his results with the normal ones. Good luck.

Birdie6 Sat 17-Nov-18 12:42:16

The sperm count is the concentration . So his sperm count is 5.45 million per ml

Justwaitingforaline Sat 17-Nov-18 17:11:53

Yes, concentration is how many sperm per ML. So if he had 0.9ml sample and his concentration was 5.45 million, his totoal count was 4.9 million total. 0.9ml is a very small sample though, any chance he missed the beaker? blush

Fairydreamimg Sat 17-Nov-18 17:21:04

Thanks guys!

He had trauma when he was a teenager due to excessive physical bullying at school and had to have surgery to his testicles so I’m thinking there may have been some long lasting damage from the bullying angry

I have asked him if he missed the beaker and he doesn’t think he did.

Do you think we’d have much luck in asking the NHS for a second referral to have his levels checked again as I heard it can vary a lot, just incase it was that he missed it or something else was a miss?

Again, thanks guys! I was going crazy googling to see if sperm concentrate meant sperm count. It seems his sperm count is very low in that case. Which is frutrating as the dr said his levels shouldn’t be that much of an issue in getting pregnant.

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Justwaitingforaline Sat 17-Nov-18 18:57:09

Most places offer more than one analysis, to make sure that it’s accurate and not just an unlucky sample, if that makes sense! DH has just had the results from his third 😊


Pumpkin18 Sat 17-Nov-18 21:15:14

My DH had 2 sperm analysis with NHS just to double check that the first one wasn't wrong. My DH count was low and very little motility and they couldnt get a morphology reading so we are on the road to private IVF treatment

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