Clomid / norethisterone question please

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ComeTheFuck0nBridget Wed 14-Nov-18 21:49:40

Thank you for the replies

Have you taken norethisterone before, @Greekwife ?

Or has anyone? If so did you notice a heavier/longer AF than normal?

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YouBoggleMyMind Wed 14-Nov-18 18:45:26

Took my clomid at night so I didn't have to deal with any side effects during the day. I don't think it matters too much, as long as it is a proper red flow on CD2. Good luck!

Greekwife Wed 14-Nov-18 18:39:08

Good grief my grammar is appalling! 🤣🤣

I meant to say if you have any other questions, give me a shout!

Greekwife Wed 14-Nov-18 18:37:46

* clomid not clinic!!!

Greekwife Wed 14-Nov-18 18:37:04


I started cd 2, for 5 days!

So if (for example) I got my period today at lunch time, I would take my 1st clomid tomorrow morning.

If I got my period tonight... say 23:30 or later I would take my clinic on Friday morning!

Hope it makes sense!!

But by no means I am an expert, so if in doubt speak with your doctor/nurses!

If you need any other questions, just give me a shout! 😘

ComeTheFuck0nBridget Wed 14-Nov-18 18:29:46

On which day @greekwife? Did you do day 2 as well? And if so did you just do calendar days or 48 hours?

Thank you all for your replies

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Greekwife Wed 14-Nov-18 18:25:04

I took mine 1st thing in the morning, and was fine! It was just a routine I got into! Good luck xx


physicskate Wed 14-Nov-18 09:07:43

Exactly as time says!!

timeforchage Wed 14-Nov-18 08:39:00

I'm not sure there is a right or wrong answer. I always took it just before I went to bed in an attempt to bypass the side effects - hot sweats etc. On the whole I slept through. Good luck!

ComeTheFuck0nBridget Tue 13-Nov-18 22:59:51


I have suspected PCOS and have been TTC for almost 7 years on and off.

I have just finished 10 days of norethisterone and started AF at about 5pm this evening. I am supposed to start Clomid on day 2 of my cycle.

This probably sounds really silly but I'm just not 100% sure what time I should take the Clomid. Do I just take it tomorrow morning? (2nd calendar day of AF) Or should I wait until 5pm on Thursday to take it? (48 hours).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm getting myself into a bit of a tizzy over it!

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