Burst into tears at my boss ....

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isiteasieryet Mon 12-Nov-18 20:23:35

Mid stims, feeling generally ok, but having a really tough time with another factor in my life which is causing me acute stress, feel like I'm managing to hold it together but I am one more incident away from breaking point.
Work in male dominated environment, about to be promoted just waiting on the sigh office from the greater management team who are with us this week (I've achieved promotion targets etc) in a one on one meeting with director yesterday. Taking about agenda for the next week, planning meetings etc. He suggested a timeline, I said remember I'm out that day (egg collection), he said "you do know I don't know what's going on with you, don't you. You talk as if I know what's going on, not that I want to know but I'm just checking your ok" I promptly burst into tears, leaving him in shock - saying oh fuck I totally mis judged that. I pulled my neck in composed myself and carried on the meeting. I want to tell him, but I've worked my arse off to get promoted, but I know it will effect their decision if they think I'm just here till I get pregnant however nor do i want to be know as an emotional wreak! Help really think I've blown it. (Can't tell him the other stuff either as it's family stuff with DSC and it's not really a bring your problems to work type environment)

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physicskate Mon 12-Nov-18 21:45:49

I've done that. Well - the bursting into tears with my boss. A couple of times with two different bosses. But it's quite normal to do that in teaching... I've had other teachers burst out crying to me too. One was a bloke too!!

He won't say anything to you or I reckon anyone else, but you may want to throw in a little 'that time of the month' type comment... I'm sure it'll soon be forgotten!!

You're being way too hard on yourself from the sound of it.

Cherries101 Tue 13-Nov-18 14:27:03

Don’t tell him until after your promotion.

legalseagull Tue 13-Nov-18 14:29:45

He sounds like a nice boss checking you're ok. Everyone cries in work at some point. Don't worry about it. Maybe take a week off? You sound exhausted with it all and need a rest

isiteasieryet Tue 13-Nov-18 21:43:46

Can't take time off, I've got a holiday coming up (thank god) I've not had one since last Christmas. ...... got promoted yesterday. Came a bit left field after my epic melt down ! Lol
(Stress levels are clearly through the roof)

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