November/December IVF/ICSI/FET

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StoneMe Mon 12-Nov-18 10:32:13

Hi everyone, just had my first down regulation injection this morning with a scan booked for next Thursday. This will be the transfer of my remaining embryo. I had a little boy last year via ICSI so I know I've been very lucky already.

Anyone else starting now?

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CautiousOptimist Mon 12-Nov-18 15:42:51

Hi StoneMe, I’ll join you please! I’ve just had my egg collection today (they got 13 so I’m pleased), and we’ll see how they do over the next few days. If any fertilise and make it to blastocyst stage my transfer will be on Saturday. I have my fingers tightly crossed and am just taking one day at a time. Good luck to you, I hope you’re lucky again this time.

Ginger1982 Mon 12-Nov-18 16:20:30

That's a great number! Fingers crossed for you!

StoneMe Mon 12-Nov-18 16:21:54

Yes that's a really good number!
Ginger are you starting too?

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Ginger1982 Mon 12-Nov-18 16:26:47

I've got some frozen embryos and thinking about when to try using them!

Wesstywoo Mon 12-Nov-18 17:08:59

I'll join please - starting my first round this month. Low AMH so currently on norethisterone, due to start injections next week

RedPandaFluff Mon 12-Nov-18 17:13:56

Hello! May I join you? I'm on day 11 of a donor egg cycle (my third IVF attempt). We think egg collection will be on 16th November and embryo transfer 3-5 days after that . . . IF we get eggs, IF any fertilise, IF any make it to transfer . . .

Beetroot01 Mon 12-Nov-18 18:22:25

Hope its ok to join. I am on buserelin at the moment. My DR scan is next wednesday and I hope I can start stims day after.

LillyLeaf Mon 12-Nov-18 18:37:35

I think it's best I join you over from the Oct/Nov thread. I failed the baseline scan 3 weeks ago, I'm short protocol so had taken only Cyclogest and 1 Buserelin shot. There were 2 'too big' follicles on one ovary, the other was fine and my lining wasn't thin enough, so cancelled cycle, I was gutted. So trying again but this time on norethindrone from cd 15, I have one more week of norethindrone, then hopefully AF a few days later then the baseline scan again which I'm freaking out about and hoping it doesn't go wrong again 🤞. Good luck everyone

StoneMe Mon 12-Nov-18 18:48:23

All welcome!!

Sorry to hear that Lillyleaf

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Guio Mon 12-Nov-18 22:27:52

Hello I was in the November group but I will join you here 😊.First IVF and starting buserelin today.I had the nurse showing me how to inject today and it doesn't seem that bad.EC expected early December.

Beeflower22 Mon 12-Nov-18 22:59:42

Tomorrow I have my first scan after starting menopur last Tuesday. I’ve been wingin it really with google my only help so would love to join you ladies! My egg collection should be next week, all being well! x

LillyLeaf Tue 13-Nov-18 08:19:29

@Beeflower22 good luck with your scan. Let us know how you get on.

@Guio it's my first IVF too. I did just one injection before my cancelled cycle, it took a while to do it but it was totally fine and I didn't feel a thing. I think I'll have EC early December too.

Off to acupuncture this morning.

StoneMe Tue 13-Nov-18 08:24:04

Day 2 of injecting and finding the prep really different from my last fresh cycle. I need to use 2 different needles to get the solution and almost jag myself in the hand every time in the process! Actually injecting it into me is less stressful!

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Beeflower22 Tue 13-Nov-18 08:54:57

I’ve been doing that, with the 2 needles. And I know what you mean, seems quite faffy! I’ve been doing it since 11th October now so I’m in the swing of it now.
Mixing the menopur on the other hand, I messed up the first vial and spilt it everywhere! It proper works me up, gives me hot sweats mixing it, let alone from the side effects!
I feel like I’ve been injecting forever now, well, not me cause I’m not brave enough, I make my husband do it x

Wesstywoo Tue 13-Nov-18 09:13:59

@beeflower how are you finding the side effects? I've got to take 450 menopur per day starting next week!

Guio Tue 13-Nov-18 10:36:48

@LillyLeaf I remember you from the other group. Sorry to hear what happened in the previous cycle and I hope this one is better.Are you nhs funded?I have 2 so fingers crossed that one works 🙏.I am starting buserelin tomorrow,mistake previous message as I said I started yesterday.I have my lovely partner who will do it for me but I think I am dreading more of the side true that you get menopausal symptoms?

Beeflower22 Tue 13-Nov-18 12:12:56

Not too bad with the side effects, well actually quite bad headaches! And a bit of tummy ache, and I’ve felt really tired! Yesterday my tummy went huge, and I actually felt like my ovaries ached! Just been for my scan, I have at least 10 good size follicles and some smaller ones smile

AniSL Tue 13-Nov-18 13:21:34

Hi all,

Joining too, was in August/Sept then moved to Oct/Nov now moving to this one. Waiting for AF so we can start our FET.

CautiousOptimist Tue 13-Nov-18 16:06:29

Good luck to everyone who’s joined us, I hope we see lots of positive news on this thread.

I haven’t been too sore today after EC yesterday, but am a bit bunged up blush I imagine I need to be drinking more water.

Starting progesterone pessaries tomorrow, has anyone done them before who could tell me what to expect? I’ve been told they’re ‘messy’?!

The lab called this morning to tell me of my 13 eggs collected 12 were mature and injected (ICSI) and 6 fertilised in the night. I don’t know whether that’s a good result or not (it sounds like a lot of eggs fallen by the wayside) but I’m pleased we have 6 chances at a blastocyst to transfer on Sat.

StoneMe Tue 13-Nov-18 17:38:42

CautiousOptimist that's a good number! I had 15 eggs, 5 fertilised by ICSI and 2 made it to 5 days. 1 became my DS and the other hopefully his brother or sister. Fingers crossed for you!

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CautiousOptimist Tue 13-Nov-18 19:45:57

Thank you StoneMe! I hope you’re lucky with your frozen embie, fingers crossed.

Beeflower22 Tue 13-Nov-18 21:29:43

@Stoneme fingers crossed for you! How long is it you have to do the injections for a Frozen transfer? I’m guessing it’s not as long? I’m so new to all this so have no idea confused

Piefish Tue 13-Nov-18 22:07:53

Can I join too? First cycle, started buserelin today (short cycle), start bemfola tomorrow evening. Away from home next few days so injecting myself.

StoneMe Tue 13-Nov-18 22:18:45

Beeflower just 7 days along with oral tablets. Then a scan to see if I'm ready for transfer so not as long as with a fresh cycle. When I did the first injection yesterday I cried like a baby, like I did on my first cycle. I still feel hard done to that I, and so many others, have to go through all this to have a baby.

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