Egg collection - local anaesthetic.

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isiteasieryet Mon 12-Nov-18 08:05:41

Currently into stims, scan on Thursday to firm up date for egg collection. Clinic offered me a general or local option. I decided on local as didn't fancy a general. Now have the fear of god, apparently I just get panadine extra and the green whistle (strong painkillers and an option for an even strong pain killer taken orally) ..... oh fuck, what have I done, has anyone gone for the local option?

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physicskate Mon 12-Nov-18 08:16:11

Call and tell them you've changed your mind?

isiteasieryet Mon 12-Nov-18 08:24:41

Do you know if it's sore ?

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Cherries101 Mon 12-Nov-18 08:29:56

Egg collection is the most painful thing I’ve ever had done to me, and I was under conscious sedation for it (that’s not quite GA but close). Remember that egg collection is them using a huge needle to reach your ovaries through your vagina. LA is not going to cut it I’m afraid and is only provided when GA is insuitable for a woman — tell them you’ve changed your mind

isiteasieryet Mon 12-Nov-18 08:36:35

Oh dear god ......

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isiteasieryet Mon 12-Nov-18 08:37:24

Might obtain some black market sedatives ! (Joking aside my sis is a dr)

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danni0509 Mon 12-Nov-18 08:43:44

I was sedated for my egg collections (had two)

I was sedated but still aware of bits and pieces but I don't remember pain really.

Can you add the option of sedation on?

I didn't even realise you had the option of just being awake with no sedation.


danni0509 Mon 12-Nov-18 08:46:25

I don't remember pain just maybe uncomfortable and pressure etc, but I do clearly remember taking my feet out of the stirrups and resting them on the dr doing my egg collections shoulders the nurse had to put my feet back in the stirrups. how embarrassing 😂

isiteasieryet Mon 12-Nov-18 08:48:11

I get a Penthrox inhaler(green whistle), which they give trauma patents. So I suppose that must be pretty good. It's what they give you if you suffer a bad bone break or serious injury. Not sure how conscious that might leave me ....

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ChristmasAccountant Mon 12-Nov-18 08:51:44

I had local anaesthetic, not the most pleasant experience but not terrible either. There was a lot of pressure put on my abdomen to get my ovary in the right position which was sore, but the team were brilliant.
I was also given a painkilling suppository before hand which did help.
Hope it goes ok.

Petitprince Mon 12-Nov-18 08:56:25

Mine was under local, not painful at all. I was glad I hadn't had general.

isiteasieryet Mon 12-Nov-18 10:31:17

I figured that all going well, at some point with any luck I might need to give birth and I've heard that's pretty sore ! Ideally I don't want the recovery from a general, so thought I'd give it a bash. Stims has been ok still been exercising, starting to get a bit bloated now .... go to 2 shots tomorrow 🙈 guess that's when it will all start happening.
Any advice on stims ?

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Blondiecub0109 Mon 12-Nov-18 10:40:44

I had local - wasn’t offered GA - I think I had dizipam and fentanyl - was just uncomfortable pressure feeling - no pain that day - but omg the following days were tough. I think they’d have been tough no matter what pain relief. My clinic were not understanding at all and basically because I didn’t have OHSS then they could not be possibly anything wrong with me. They kept telling to ‘walk it off’ literally. If I have to ec again I’m not moving fir the following week.

Blondiecub0109 Mon 12-Nov-18 10:41:22

Oh and in the stims I was just excessively ridiculously thirsty

Crazyeyes3 Mon 12-Nov-18 17:46:21

I had a sedation which made me really sleepy. I don’t remember a thing about the procedure and woke up really quickly. I actually enjoyed my little nap.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 14-Nov-18 13:52:45

My clinic didn’t do ga

I had a local or so I’m told and ec was was the most painful experience of my lifetime

My df heard my screaming next door

2nd time they gave me higher drugs and still awful pain

Literally feels My insides are ripped apart while all
The time they are saying keep still

Guess hard to collect eggs as so small

Sorry Prob not what you want to hear

So have a ga

sparechange Wed 14-Nov-18 14:09:25

I had one of my collections without sedation and it was brutally painful
And the nurse had the nerve to tell me off for making so much noise as I was worrying the other patients waiting to go in

In the end, I was in so much pain they couldn't finish collecting all the eggs. I think 2 or 3 were left

Tbh I would think a lot less of a clinic that doesn't automatically sedate patients for collections. It is appalling clinical care

Petitprince Wed 14-Nov-18 15:36:47

Not sure why I didn't find it painful. Not painful afterwards either. Maybe mine were very easy to get to? I didn't have many - nine I think, and only two made it to blastocysts - one of which is my 2yo. Hopefully trying the other next year.

Good luck OP!

Petitprince Wed 14-Nov-18 15:38:34

On the other hand, when I had my teeth whitened I had to ask them to stop, so I do feel pain!

isiteasieryet Wed 14-Nov-18 19:29:21

I've got a scan this morning, so will have another chat to them. Although I think I've ovulated early .......

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itseasierstill Mon 19-Nov-18 02:40:17

So I had it, it wasn't exactly painless - but it wasn't unbearable. One point was pretty painful, I nearly bit through the green whistle. Not having a GA was a good idea in my opinion. I'm now at home, sore but lucid and should recover quickly. The medical team were great, very reassuring. Unfortunately could only collect from one side and collected 6 eggs. So fingers crossed for a positive few days x

Petitprince Mon 19-Nov-18 19:56:05

Well done. Fingers crossed. You've done brilliantly.

BeaCat Tue 20-Nov-18 08:54:54

Hello, glad it wasn't too bad @itseasierstill. I've got my egg collection on Friday, I don't have the option of a general anesthtic unfortunately- feeling a little nervous!
I'm due to be in work the next day - did you all work the next day or have it off? I'm not sure I'll be up to it X

itseasierstill Tue 20-Nov-18 09:01:28

@BeaCat honestly, you'll be fine. The pain is there, but it's completely manageable. We got 6 eggs and 4 fertilised. So completely worth it.
I went into work today (late) and lasted about 2 hours, just felt like shit so took myself home and have slept all day. Felt really sorry for myself, emotional crash really - no one in work knows either. I think I'm being a bit of a wimp and could have soldiered on, but was getting stressed about hearing my results so came home.
Good luck, honestly it's no where near as bad as you think it's going to be. X

Positivethinking1 Tue 20-Nov-18 13:46:05

That's really interesting, I thought it was all under sedation these days - neither general or local just heavy sedation.

Just to put a positive spin on it to those who are worried - I was dreading - really dreading the whole thing. However I had my EC on Friday and it was better than I could have imagined.

It was all over in 30 mins, no pain afterwards and felt fine within the hour. Could have gone back to work in the afternoon (but didn't). I had sedation and as someone who struggles to fall asleep, it was bliss to be out in a matter of seconds.

Not wanting to tempt fate as I know OHSS can hit later, but felt totally fine within 24 hours, no bloating or pain, as if I'd never had the op...

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