High FSH + Low AMH advice please

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Maybebaby26 Fri 09-Nov-18 11:16:50

Hi everyone,

We've been TTC for 4+years now, both currently age 26, and in the last year have experienced (what I now assume) 3 chemical pregnancies. Our first fertility appointment is in 4 weeks time so whilst waiting we've been getting other tests done..

My FSH has come back at 12.1 which is high..
My AMH has now come back as low. I know the UK and US have different number systems so I got them to convert..
UK: 6.5pmol/L
US: 0.9ng/ml

From what I've researched, any AMH <1-1.5ng/ml is indicative of low/diminished ovarian reserve, especially when met with a high FSH.

Does anyone here have any experience with low AMH, or have had the drs tell them anything that would be good to know? Or what fertility treatments you were offered with it x

Can't help but feel we may have finally found our reason as to why it's proving such a struggle TTC for us. We already take supplements etc. X

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Waterdropsdown Fri 09-Nov-18 14:32:49

I had low Amh (under 6 can’t remember the number) I think I was 32 when it was tested. Fsh moves every month. What day of the month were you tested?
My advice would be realise that you’ve not got heaps of time. Don’t let doctors fob you off you have to advocate for yourself. Are you going for nhs fertility appointment? Do you have funds to go private? Low Amh alone should not prevent you conceiving so there may be another problem there. Have you had antral follicle count?

Don’t accept cycles and cycles of iui it will waste time which you may not have. If you do go down ivf route you may not get heaps of eggs like someone else your age but they will be very good quality which means a very high chance of success it just may take longer to get that success.

I have 2 children now 4 years on from that Amh. It did make me realise time was not on my side.

hoping2018 Fri 09-Nov-18 22:59:47

Sorry to hear your results aren't as good as you hoped. AMH and FSH have no indication on whether you ovulate so are very unlikely to be the reason you aren't pregnant and they also don't represent qualIty if your eggs - age is a much better marker of this. AMH and FSH are better indicators of how quickly to get on with things and how many eggs you are likely to get per ivf cycle.

If you've had three chemical pregnancies this should really be investigated to see if you have an autoimmune/ implantation problem and this may be where your consultant focuses things.

My AMH was 8 and FSH 12. I ovulated bang on day 14 every month but due to male factoe we needed ICSI and because of my low ovarian reserve they said do it ASAP (though conceiving naturally probably wasn't impossible). I was 31 when I got those results.

Currently pregnant after cycle 2 of ICSI X

jemimafuddleduck Fri 09-Nov-18 23:14:20

I have FSH of 17.9 and AMH of 3.4. I'm 32.

We were referred straight to the fertility clinic, but with our results weren't eligible for IVF with own eggs on the NHS (my FSH was too high and AMH too low for the cut off).

Considered going private but Dr said that the chances of IVF working were 5-7%.

So we decided to go straight to donor egg ivf, and we start in 2 weeks.

From the research I've done, and the information from our doctors, my understanding is that there is still a possibility of getting pregnant naturally, but it's a very slim chance. I do still ovulate regularly, but I have very few eggs left, and as the body uses up the good eggs first, the eggs I have left are not likely to be good quality so the chances of them becoming w viable embryo is very little.

It only takes one though so can still happen.

Sorry you're going through this, I know how I felt when I found out x

hoping2018 Sat 10-Nov-18 08:04:39

As per pp there is cut offs set by the CCG. My CCG for an nhs round had the criteria of FSH <12 or an AMH > 5.4.

It makes me really angry they set those guidelines as there is no evidence behind the parameters they set. The best marker of how you're ovaries will respond to the drugs is having a go at ivf and seeing what happens. Despite my AMH and FSH I had a "reassuringly good" AFC (I can't remember what it was though sorry). My first round (just scraped into nhs funding) I had 300 menopur and got 29 follicles, 20 eggs, 14 mature and 14 fertilised. We then had some sort of quality problem though and only 2 blasts by day 5 and neither good enough to freeze. Got a bfn.

Second round the doctors suggested less menopur to help with quality and surgical removal of sperm as they felt we had a very significant sperm quality problem due to what day most embryos died off. We got 32 follicles, 22 mature eggs and with surgically retrieved sperm 13 fertilised. I had two embryos transferred - currently pregnant with one baby and two embryos in the freezer.

In a debrief with the consultant I asked how could I have gotten so many eggs when my fsh/AMH were so "bad"?He said age was a much more important factor, their blood tests weren't always that accurate and the best test is trying a round of ivf. For me - there were still loads of eggs!

Good luck x

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