Nhs ivf in the Midlands?

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Donnas146 Thu 08-Nov-18 16:51:30

Hi my name is Donna I’ve just recently joined this forum
Me and oh have been trying for 7 years and never had a BFp
I have had tests and oh has severe low count and motility
We have just been referred for more testing st the hospital our appointment is for janruary just wondering how long does it roughly take from testing to then be referred for ivf usually?

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Saltisford Thu 08-Nov-18 18:43:58

I’m at Coventry. I went to my GP in Feb, had first hospital appointment in May, had a hycosy test in July (investigation) a laparoscopy in October(investigation), follow up consultation in October and now I’m having my information session to begin IVF at the end of November with a view to begin December or January (as the lab may be closed over Xmas). I hope that helps! It’s stressful when you go from appointment to appointment not knowing the path you’re taking x

Donnas146 Thu 08-Nov-18 18:56:53

Hi @Saltisford
Thankyou for your reply! Im really glad it hasn’t taken so long for you I’ve been googling like mad and read something about Midlands waiting times being years which put a downer on my day. Do you know how many rounds you are going to be able to have? And how were the tests? We’re they painful as I’m a bit scared about the whole thing tbh x

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Saltisford Thu 08-Nov-18 19:12:21

I know in Coventry you are entitled to one fresh cycle with two additional goes at using frozen embryos taken from the fresh cycle. I think it’s the same nearby like in Birmingham but there is a thing online somewhere that details the different nhs trust guidelines. It may be even faster for you: I think if I had passed the hycosy test then they wouldn’t have given me the laparoscopy and I had to wait for that as that is an actual operation. I don’t think there’s an actual waiting list for IVF, it’s the investigative procedures that you have to wait for. My top tip is to write a list of questions you’d like answered before any appointment because at the end of our first one, the consultant asked if I had any questions and I panicked and forgot anything I wanted to ask and had to wait what felt like ages to see them again. Don’t worry about pain, nothing’s that bad and I keep telling myself that childbirth must be 64676533 times worse lol xx

Donnas146 Thu 08-Nov-18 19:47:48

I think I have read that my area we would hopefully get one round of ivf on the nhs. Think we’d be lucky to get one go for free but I’ve got to admit I will be pretty stressed out if it’s only one go as so much will be riding on it!
I really hope there’s not I’ve been on so many forums about it as I’m a bit obsessed at the moment 😄for all the information. I’ve read as soon as you are referred from your gp it goes quite quickly which I’m really hoping for. Would be perfect to start next year as if it doesn’t work me and oh are going to start saving for private rounds. Yes I guess so lol I keep thinking that to myself too it should be nothing compared to child birth x

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Donnas146 Thu 08-Nov-18 19:49:16

And Thankyou for the tip 🙂 trust me I have already got the questions on the top of my head I will defiantly be going in with a notebook and pen lol x

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Saltisford Thu 08-Nov-18 21:01:37

The thing is you get a bit shell shocked when you’re there so a pen and paper is great for back up! In Coventry they also offer IUI on the nhs - 3 cycles I think? This may be an alternative to IVF?


Donnas146 Thu 08-Nov-18 21:16:40

I think my hubbys sperm count is too low for iui from what I’ve researched I will ask about that though when it comes to it Thankyou x

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Lemonylem Sun 11-Nov-18 10:16:48

Hi Donna. I'm being treated in Coventry too. We had our first FC appointment in Jan and it's been a year of tests and investigations since then. I've found them to be really good and thorough and my DH and I have both had operations, various scans, lots of consultations and different tests. It really just depends what your issues are as to how long it takes. It turned out that we had a lot of areas that needed exploring on both sides so that's taken a while. We're now almost at the point where we'll be going forward with IVF and we've been told it would be a six week wait for initial nurse appointment to get started.

Don't worry at all about any internal scans. They don't hurt at all and the nurses have seen it all before. Like Saltisford I've had the hycosy and laparoscopy and both were fine too (and I am a wimp!). You will be fine. Not sure if you're under Coventry too but they seem to cover a really wide area.

Saltisford Sun 11-Nov-18 13:31:07

@Lemonylem - I just thought I’d say hi! I agree that the service so far has been as you describe! Have you got your info session appointment yet for IVF? Mine is at the end of Nov so I suppose the wait has been roughly as you say too x

Donnas146 Sun 11-Nov-18 15:29:39

I’m not too concerned about the scans and tests as I’ve had an internal scan blood tests and a smear and all cane back normal/clear. I’m worried about the mental side to it mostly because I’ve tried for so long now I feel it won’t ever happen, I know that sounds mad but me and my partner have never had a bfp I was only ever late for my period once this Christmas gone for 2 weeks ( my periods are like clockwork so we really thought it was it) but I got my period and it was really heavy and that was that next month it was back to normal. I’m worried about waiting lists as I’ve read it’s years but now I’ve asked ok here most of you ladies have said from when the gp refers you it’s really not that long to wen you start ivf. I’m also scared it won’t work as I think we only get one go for this area, which I will be extremely grateful for but also scared it won’t work and I’ll have a breakdown as this past year I’ve found it hard to even talk to my friends/family who are pregnant. My sil (husbands brothers gf) announced they were pregnant a few months ago and I felt like my heart had been ripped out. They’d only been together a few months so I think it really hit home how long me and my hubby had been trying and how easy it is for most people to get pregnant. X

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Saltisford Sun 11-Nov-18 18:53:12

@Donnas146 - please try not to panic, you’re on the right path now. I must say that I feel better mentally that I’ve had some investigations and got some answers as I have never had a BFP either and we’ve been trying for two years. The monthly cycle when you’re trying and getting let down is torturous. Like you, my initial tests were fine but as the journey has continued, I’ve found out further issues but now have a plan of action to overcome them. This has all helped with coming to terms with everything x

Lemonylem Mon 12-Nov-18 19:47:45

Hi @saltisford! Guessing from your name that we might be in a similar area!

We have to wait until after Christmas for a new SA following some treatment and then depending on the results of that, we'll be starting in the NY. From what I've seen with others, its amazing how quickly things seem to get moving though once it goes ahead.

We are 2 years too and I've never got anywhere near seeing that second line. I gave up buying tests a year ago.

Donna, it's without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever been through but I promise you, you'll get through it. Sometimes it's overwhelming but you just have to keep putting one foot on front of the other and focus on the next step. I do get it. I've actually reached the stage where it amazes me that there are people out there who just decide to have a baby and then have one! What a luxury!

Saltisford Mon 12-Nov-18 21:39:25

Haha @Lemonylem - not many people would recognise my name so I guess you’re close by! I totally agree about testing. I actually find it so stressful, I’d rather not. My periods are so regular anyway, I just wait for them! I did get a fertility monitor but even gave up on that as it just told me the same thing every month! X

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