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glassesof Tue 06-Nov-18 20:20:01

So I have just got back from our first NHS fertility appointment. My periods are very irregular and I have been diagnosed with PCOS so I have been prescribed metformin. What are people's experiences in terms of side effects ? Has anyone conceived on just metformin alone ?

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OrcinusOrca Tue 06-Nov-18 20:37:55

I'm on 1500mg, started in August. I would recommend increasing the dose slowly. I did 500mg a week as instructed and it was horrific by the final one, my consultant was shocked I'd managed to get to 1500 in three weeks (was just what the GP instructed). Some people aren't as affected, there is a slow release one which is more gentle but I'm on the standard. I felt very sick to the point I was on annual leave but couldn't do anything, felt really rotten. Thankfully it did fade, I didn't really have stomach problems as such but some people get that.

I got pregnant my first full month on the 1500 but that ended up as a chemical pregnancy. Second full cycle on the full dose now and pretty confident AF is about to appear. Hopefully the met alone will help albeit not this month!

bobstersmum Tue 06-Nov-18 20:38:07

Yes. I conceived on only metformin. We tried unsuccessfully for 7 years before my gp agreed to let me try it. I was pregnant with my first 6 months later. Went back on it after I'd had him mainly to enjoy the regular cycles again, and unexpectedly got pregnant with my second at 3 months pp! Didn't dare to go back on it after that! I did conceive my dd though 2.5 years later, without metformin, I asked at my scan if they could look at my ovaries and she said she could see no sign of pcos. I asked my consultant and they said sometimes after you've had children they can get better.
As for side effects, the only negative one I had was upset stomach but not all the time, and not after a while. I found it worse if I'd eaten rubbish food. I had already lost weight before I went on metformin but then I lost another half stone, and just felt so much healthier, less bloated, my pcos symptoms just felt better. My cycle went from totally unpredictable to bang on 30 day cycle. I had heavier periods after a few months but I put that down to the metformin sorting me out, no idea if that was the case!
Good luck op, definitely give it a good go. Hope it works for you.

bobstersmum Tue 06-Nov-18 20:38:34

Ps I was on 500 mg twice a day.

Cherries101 Tue 06-Nov-18 20:38:59

It helps me maintain my weight.

Awittyusernameishardtofind Tue 06-Nov-18 20:53:12

I did and now have a healthy little boy.
The side effects weren’t fun to start with. Nausea and a bad tummy lasted a while but eventually got better. I lost weight but it’s not a magic pill you still have to be sensible with diet and exercise.
I hope it works for you. Best of luck x

OrcinusOrca Tue 06-Nov-18 20:59:16

Apparently if you are overweight losing weight can help with the PCOS symptoms too. I am not overweight but I still lost a few pounds at the start.


Worriedmum97 Tue 06-Nov-18 21:16:46

I’m on 1500 a day since March. Haven’t noticed any change, not pregnant and periods are all over the place. But my bmi is 19, no acne, a bit of unwanted hair on my chin and all bloods/scans indicate pcos.

AniSL Tue 06-Nov-18 21:42:39

Try NAC if you have PCOS, its the new wonder treatment apparently

Notreallyhere23 Tue 06-Nov-18 21:51:20

I had no side effects with it, seemingly no improvement in most pcos symptoms but did fall pregnant twice (and the first wasn’t planned, I was a bit thick and I hadn’t quite realised that ‘improvement in symptoms’ meant ovulation too, I was focussed on weight and hair). Second time was on purpose and I think the metformin did help.

glassesof Wed 07-Nov-18 09:08:30

thanks for all your help, its put me at ease a little fingers crossed it works for me.

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ADayInTheSun Sat 10-Nov-18 12:04:32

I've recently been started on Metformin too due to long cycles, PCO and history of miscarriage. I've been on it for about a month, feeling pretty well and seem to be through the worst of the side effects which is a relief!

Now I'm trying to start looking ahead. I want to be optimistic but the TTC process is really taking it out of me. It really helps to hear positive stories from others who've also been prescribed Metformin.

To people who’ve taken it for a while, can I ask, did it take long for your cycle length to change? Did you notice any other effects? And of course, did you end up getting pregnant?

Lauzy86 Sat 17-Nov-18 18:22:31

Hello! I was diagnosed with PCOS in January and started on metformin in February. My cycles were over 60 days before but within 2 months I was back to 30-34 days and on the 3rd month I got pregnant. I know I am incredibly lucky that it happened so quickly but I stuck with it through all the side effects, which can be pretty grim, and by loosing weight and getting fit. The specialist I saw really put a lot of emphasis on weight, even though I wasn't over weight (just, based on BMI) he suggested I get my butt to the gym and eat healthily as it would help. I came away feeling pretty deflated in the beginning but then determined to prove him wrong and that I could loose weight.

I hope it works for you too smile

Hedgehuggy Sun 18-Nov-18 21:03:29

I have been on metformin for 1yr 1month. I am overweight (a good 3 stone to lose) with irregular periods confirmed PCOS after a scan... no luck for me but got to lose some weight before GP can refer me for any help. I have heard lots of good things about clomid, but got to lose the weight first.

Awittyusernameishardtofind Sun 18-Nov-18 21:29:52

Hedge, you can do it grin

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