About start first cycle - help !

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blockblockback Sun 04-Nov-18 20:23:11

Have our last appointment with our fertility dr this week. AF due this week too so should be starting our first cycle in a couple of days and I'm terrified.
DH is working away, worried I won't be able to inject myself. Worried I'm going to turn into an emotional wreak.
I have a high stress job, so exercise daily to manage that - can I still do that?
Will i balloon? How am I going to fit into my work clothes?
Do I still carry on life as normal? (Odd glass of wine here and there)

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blockblockback Sun 04-Nov-18 20:25:24

To make matters worse, currently going to hell and back with DSS and his mother basically abusing us on a daily basis and DSS refusing to see DH (or me) so we are in a high stress period to begin with. Will this effect the process?

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CritterTamer Sun 04-Nov-18 21:48:29

Hi @blockblockback

First off - try to calm down and relax a little (easier said than done I know!) whilst there’s no direct evidence that stress will affect the outcome, most clinics advise reducing stress as much as possible so that your body has the optimal environment for implantation to take place.

Exercise - you will likely need to stop any strenuous exercise a few days into stimming - once your ovaries start to swell there is a risk of torsion, and you will become uncomfortable and won5 feel like it anyway. Gentle things like walking are fine though.

Alcohol - most advice is to stop slcohol a month before your. cycle starts and avoid it throughout the cycle

Clothes - personally I have never had any issues with major swelling or bloating during the stimulation phase, although I think some people do. You will most likely onl6 have a majo4 problem with this if you’re unlucky enough to come down with OHSS after your trigger shot and/to ET.

blockblockback Mon 05-Nov-18 07:42:22

@CritterTamer thanks.
Yes I am trying to be calm, but stress levels are through the roof due to DSS. To the point that my period has come early. So won't be starting this week by the looks of things - devastated.
Interesting, I had a chat with the IVF nurse last week and she said continue to train (I do more harm stopping than starting)

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CritterTamer Mon 05-Nov-18 08:10:45

@Blockblockback - I’m sorry to hear that. If your stress levels are that high then maybe it’s better you take a month out to try to reduce that before you start though?

That’s interesting what your nurse said - most clinics advise you to stop strenuous exercise while on stims and during the TWW. Personally I know that by day 4 of stims even walking is uncomfortable - feels like you have two cricket balls jiggling about in there. If an ovary becomes twisted it would mean a cancelled cycle and possible loss of the ovary so I wouldn’t risk it myself.

Cherries101 Mon 05-Nov-18 09:20:47

If stress levels impacted IVF then it wouldn’t work in India or China were women often work up to 16-20 hours a day, live with extended family, and are expected to work full time and do all of the housework and childcare (often no nursery til 7) on very, very low salaries. It wouldn’t work in Israel. But these countries have some of the highest take up and success rates of IVF treatments in the world.

There is no scientific evidence at all that stress will negatively impact IVF. All women are stressed during IVF. Stop beating yourself up over it, continue to exercise and manage your mental health as you see fit.

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