Just about to start the IVF journey...

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Kinnney Sat 03-Nov-18 18:32:12

Hi all,

As the title of the thread says, we're just about to start the IVF journey and I'm already anxious!

We have our first appointment on Monday which is just an initial chat about costs, timescales etc. I'm hoping we can get on with the consultation, tests etc so that we can have an idea of when we can start treatment.

We're a same sex couple, hoping to go down the egg sharing route (with my wife donating her eggs to help another couple). Using a private clinic, self funded.

I've done the wrong thing by googling and getting bogged down in success rates, stories about bad experiences etc and all its done is made me more anxious than ever!

Currently making a list of the questions to ask on Monday and wondered if anyone has any suggestions/things they wish they had asked on their first appointment?

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