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December/ January IVF&ICSI

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brighteye3986 Sat 03-Nov-18 07:47:32

Hi everyone, so we saw the nurse earlier this week and our plan has been set. We are on long protocol and will be looking at starting on my December cycle meaning that I will be due to start buserelin around 6th jan with EC being end of Jan.

Anyone else looking at a December/ January cycle?

SunnySky501 Sat 03-Nov-18 09:27:57

Yes me, I’m exact same starting injections 4/5th Jan. I am so impatient to get started! Feels like a long wait x

brighteye3986 Sat 03-Nov-18 09:43:22

I know how you feel! After such a long process this now seems like the longest wait!

SunnySky501 Sat 03-Nov-18 09:45:16

Are you doing anything to prepare in next couple of months?

brighteye3986 Sat 03-Nov-18 10:16:23

Just trying to stay healthy. I've been doing an exercise class a week, swimming once a week and then eating as healthy as I can. I've also been doing acupuncture once a fortnight so I will continue with that too.

Are you doing anything to prepare?

jemimafuddleduck Sat 03-Nov-18 23:11:39


I'm having a IVF using an egg donor as I have premature ovarian failure. First round for us. Found out yesterday that we have a match for a donor, meds will begin for me on 19th November, with transfer likely to be (at the moment) Christmas Eve!

So excited 

Saltisford Sun 04-Nov-18 08:36:58

Hi everyone! I have my information session to collect my prescriptions and sign paperwork etc on 22nd November for my first cycle! The consultant said we could begin right after this depending on my cycle dates - I won’t find out exact dates until then though. He also mentioned that the lab closes down for a few days at Christmas so I am predicting we’ll have to delay starting until January? Is anyone else thinking this? X

brighteye3986 Sun 04-Nov-18 08:58:08

Welcome @jemimafuddleduck and @Saltisford

This is my first cycle too!

@Saltisford our cycle is delayed due to Christmas. We didn't get a choice and were told that due to Christmas we would be starting on my December period.

@jemimafuddleduck that's great news that they have found a match. I've got my fingers crossed that everything works for you.

Saltisford Sun 04-Nov-18 09:15:04

Thanks @brighteye3986! I’m very excited but trying to keep myself absorbed in work as a distraction! Is anyone else worried about keeping healthy over the Christmas period? I’m presuming I should avoid alcohol entirely but it’s offered a lot at this time of year! Plus, if you don’t accept it, people start presuming you’re pregnant which is stressful!!

brighteye3986 Sun 04-Nov-18 09:21:02

@Saltisford I don't have any issues there as I don't drink anyway so can't offer any advice. I'm am still going to try and be good with food though as I do have a bit of a sweet tooth which makes up for the alcohol!

Saltisford Sun 04-Nov-18 09:22:57

@brighteye3986 me too! I have done slimming world for years but that tends to go out the window at Christmas. Do you think we should be following a particular diet/health regime in preparation?

brighteye3986 Sun 04-Nov-18 09:43:26

@Saltisford I've always struggled with my weight and it has been one of my biggest obstacles for my referral for my IVF. I've been doing slimming world for around 2 years now but did give up for about 6 months. I've gone back to it now. I don't think there are any major diets or restrictions that you need to do. I'd just say be wary of your alcohol intake and maybe your carb intake. When I saw my consultant back in September they told me to avoid carbs. The other thing I trying to do is reduce on my caffeine intake so have started to switch to decaff options where I can. I have brought the book it started with the egg but I haven't got very far in it yet but have heard a lot of people saying good things about it.

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Nov-18 10:06:49

Our clinic doesn't shut down over Christmas. Like I said, at the moment they are saying Christmas Eve for egg transfer, if all goes to plan I would LOVE that! Such an amazing day for the transfer to take place.

I'm really worried about questions about not drinking, albeit I actually don't need to worry too much until the eggs are transferred.

Saltisford Sun 04-Nov-18 10:18:18

Yes I’m unsure about the alcohol thing - definitely after transfer but what about now and building up to it? I kind of feel like I should do everything I can to make the most of it but that is a lot of pressure! In terms of caffeine, I’m a big coffee drinker and on my initial fertility appointment, the consultant suggested only one coffee a day which I have managed to stick to as there are many decaf options available. Are we sure though that decaf is ok? I’m questioning everything! On my last appointment, the consultant said that I don’t need to give it up entirely as I’ve got to live a little!

@Jemimafuddleduck - how exciting! Christmas Eve is a magical transfer date!!

@brighteye3986 - I’ve never heard of that book. Do you think it’s worth a read?

jemimafuddleduck Sun 04-Nov-18 10:53:48

@Saltisford I asked my consultant what I should do to prepare myself and she basically just said take folic acid and go about your business as usual. She said any massive changes could actually have a detrimental effect.
In fairness, my diet is good, I keep fit and don't drink a lot of alcohol so not too much bad stuff.
I think on the lead up to Christmas I will still have a few drinks, but not get drunk (as I usually would!)

brighteye3986 Sun 04-Nov-18 14:13:39

@Saltisford I know they advise to drink decaff in pregnancy so think it would be better when TTC although I haven't asked.

With regards to the book I've only got a chapter or so but it has some good information in there regarding getting the best egg quality and how you should start at least 3 months before....

jemimafuddleduck Sat 10-Nov-18 22:01:17

How's everyone doing?
I have an appointment with the nurse on Tuesday to talk through medication, then start taking medication the following week (19th).
I've had a tough day emotionally today, and have had a heart to heart with DH who has been great. But we haven't told anyone what's going on with us (my choice) and I'm finding things really hard at the moment. Which is kind of ridiculous as we have a plan and will be starting v soon!
Does anyone else feel this way?

Guio Sun 11-Nov-18 07:30:45

Hello,can I join?I was in the October/November group but I will start with buserelin this Wednesday and menopur the following week with ec around the 3rd-5th December.I am so nervous,first time and I am 35 with endo and low amh.@jemimafuddleduck is this your first cycle as well?I completely understand you, I feel quite bad at the moment but I blame the hormones as I have been taking the pill for 2 weeks as I am in the long protocol.i am apathetic and feel quite lonely as I don't have any family nearby only my partner who is very supportive but I think he doesn't understand the female emotional side.Will you start with buserelin as well?

rosea19 Sun 11-Nov-18 18:12:17

Hi - I'm looking at a December cycle too and it will be my first cycle with IVF/ICSI. We're getting our meds next week and aim to start short cycle at the start of December.
The way I see it, is if it doesn't work, at least I can have a drink on New Year!

brighteye3986 Sun 11-Nov-18 18:41:30

Welcome @Guio and @rosea19

Good luck to you both. My clinic is closing over Christmas so I won't be starting meds until January, which was specified by them. I have all my meds just sitting there waiting for me to be able to start which is a little depressing. But I am feeling a little bit grateful that I will be able to relax a little over Christmas rather than worrying about my hormones and how my body is going to be reacting to all the meds etc. DH has given up drinking and is a little disappointed that he won't be able to drink over Christmas but is happy to sacrifice it for everything we are going through. I too am doing IVF/ ICSI.

Saltisford Sun 11-Nov-18 18:49:16

Hi everyone! I have my nurse session next week so will have a start date then and a plan. I have my ups and downs mentally but have found telling my closest family and friends has actually helped. Also, having a busy career helps! X

jemimafuddleduck Sun 11-Nov-18 20:19:17

Sounds like most of us will be doing it around the same time then!
I worked out that if all goes to plan I should find out whether it's worked on 7th January. That seems like forever away! But I'm sure it'll come round quickly.

jemimafuddleduck Wed 14-Nov-18 18:33:30

Meds planning appointment last night, meds being delivered on Friday, start Monday!
All of mine are tablets or nasal spray thankfully 😁
Anyone else starting meds' the same time?

Saltisford Wed 14-Nov-18 18:58:51

&jemimafuddleduck How come you don’t have injections??

jemimafuddleduck Wed 14-Nov-18 19:16:33

@Saltisford I have no idea! That's just the medication they've given me?! It's all to prep me for egg transfer as we are having donor eggs.

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