First fertility appointment

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Whatdoingmummy Fri 02-Nov-18 21:04:22

Hi all,

Me & DP have been ttc for 2.5 years. DP was tested around a year ago, the results wern't the best, he has just been re-referred to get an average. Last week I had my 21 day bloods done, but I received a call from my GP receptionist to say my bloods were ok & asked if I would like to be referred to the fertility clinic- Obviousley I did yes. I was hoping to see my GP after my day 2 bloods as I have so many questions as we aren't entitled to IVF due to me having an 8 year old DD with my ex partner.

I have no idea what to expect at my fertility appointment?! Please can someone help. I am extremely nervous to say the least! I always thought this TTC lark would be easy sad

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MrsM2017 Sat 03-Nov-18 07:52:13

Sorry no advice here but didn't want to read and run 💕
Hubby and I are going through this at the moment - I've had my bloods done and he is scheduled for his sperm analysis on 14th November, so would really appreciate some info after your first appointment as I guess that will be us in a few weeks....

From what I've heard they talk you through further test options eg scans and dye tests, but not 100% sure. Wishing you lots of love and luck xx

misslea16 Mon 05-Nov-18 21:39:20

I had my first appointment tonight. Very overwhelmed as I assumed it would just be a conversation on where to go. You're a little bit ahead of me though but I've just been referred for 3 blood tests (day 21, day 2 and rubella) and two scans. A general pelvic scan and a Hysterosalpingogram (the one with the dye). My OH has also been asked for a sample and we will go back in 3 months.
As you've already had some tests I'm not sure what your next step is! I'm guessing it's the tests they haven't done so far! X

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