Secondary Infertility - Where to start?

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TwittleBee Mon 29-Oct-18 09:41:00


Hoping for some advice please.

DH and I had no issues conceiving DS (1st cycle) but its now been 12 months with no luck. I did have a post birth infection which took almost a year and going private to get sorted and I am now worrying that it is that which is causing the fertility issues?

I went to my GP last month and she said "you've done it before, you'll manage it again" and pretty much dismissed me. Is it worth seeing a different GP or should I just be ready to save and go private?

Just hoping for some advice and where to go for help.

Thank you x

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ClaryFray Mon 29-Oct-18 09:57:26

See a different GP, your entitled to help after 12 months or trying. Ask to be referred.

Mrstaylor18 Mon 29-Oct-18 18:25:31

Hi lovely, we're now on month 16 of TTC #2 albeit with a different partner. The "youve has a child you can have another" argument winds me up because secondary infertility is a thing for many reasons.
Definitely see another Dr that's a horrendous response xx

sadsadsady Mon 29-Oct-18 18:27:44

We had three doctors tell us 'don't worry it will happen.'

It didn't.

At 41 I'm now giving up, I can't take it anymore and it's placing too much strain on our family.

I wish someone had taken me seriously.

Lilypad15 Mon 29-Oct-18 19:17:36

I had a fertility consultant tell me “you’ve had one before so you’ll be able to have one again”. I got pregnant with my DD after missing one pill. Two years ttc for another with unexplained infertility, still nothing. Having children already absolutely doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to have another. I’d speak to another doctor, in most areas you’ll be referred for testing after ttc for a full 12 months

TwittleBee Mon 29-Oct-18 19:27:26

Thank you all and I'm so sorry to read of your difficulties too flowers

I hope we can at least get referred for tests.

Does anyone recommend taking the fertility tests in Superdrug btw? Just wondering if its worth starting there as a baseline?

I really feel it's got to be issues from my infection as I know PID can cause infertility

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sadsadsady Mon 29-Oct-18 19:30:12

I don't know about the tests but you need to start taking your basal temperature each day and charting it. Most doctors will want to see that you've done this for a few months before progressing.

You can take ovulation tests but I found them expensive and not a accurate as the temperature taking.

Fertility friend is a great app to help you track and understand what might be going on a bit more.


TwittleBee Mon 29-Oct-18 19:32:49

I had been doing that sadsadsady for first half of us TTC, stopped it as found it so bloody stressful. I did get lovely charts though, had my usual pre ov dip, a 3dpo dip too and then a good rise before a day before AF decline. Even charted a lovely 2nd temp shift when I did get a BFP that ended up being a CP.

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sadsadsady Mon 29-Oct-18 19:40:15

@TwittleBee ah ok. So you know you're ovulating. Good to be armed with that when you see a doctor.

We had one finally who took us kind of seriously and told us to chart. We did that then she gave us 3 rounds of clomid.

I kind of felt like it was a lost cause as I was ovulating and after that have had several miscarriages.

Can you ask your gp to refer you?

sadsadsady Mon 29-Oct-18 19:40:33

It is awfully stressful charting. 

TwittleBee Mon 29-Oct-18 19:45:56

Yeah thankfully do know that at least sadsadsady

Didn't think to mention all this when speaking to last GP, but she was quick to dismiss. She also told me I was too young to have kids anyway.... I'm 24! Hardly young

I'll make an appointment when DH is off nights so he can come too and see if she can refer.

Thank you

Sorry to read about your MCs too flowers

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sadsadsady Mon 29-Oct-18 19:50:19

She said what?! Jesus!!! Well I'm wishing you lots of baby dust. 

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