Low sperm count, motility and morphology

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elderflowerfizz Sun 28-Oct-18 10:13:24

@Mamansnet I'm sorry to hear about your MMC I know how difficult they are.xxx

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elderflowerfizz Sun 28-Oct-18 10:12:23

That's lovely to hear about your baby boy against the odds. I guess the fact that I got pregnant defies the odds really. I'm sure if a fertility specialist had looked at his SA he would have told us it was highly unlikely, but then his count quality may have been better in that batch hence why it happened so quickly both times. That was a year ago now so anything could have happened.

Did you have regular ivf or ICSI?
That's interesting about the alcohol. DH is cutting out completely and will start on further supplements (he's been on wellman for a while) was your third round successful?

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Tanner8769 Sun 28-Oct-18 09:13:39

My DH had similar results a couple of years ago so we embarked on IVF. For the last cycle he significantly reduced his alcohol intake for 3-4 months prior to providing the sample and it had a dramatic effect. His count etc all came back within normal range. To put it into context, he usually had a glass of red wine each night with more if he goes out (not that often).

mamansnet Sun 28-Oct-18 06:46:39

We were in a similar position 2.5 years ago. DH had a good sperm count but a fabulous specialist found 76% sperm damage (DNA fragmentation), which basically meant we had a 24% chance of a genetically healthy pregnancy. Then add to that the fact I've got endometriosis, the odds weren't looking good and we booked in for IVF.

We never needed it. Our 'it'll never happen' baby boy is now 21 months and laughing his head off with Granny in the next room.

I've also just had an MMC last week, which while disappointing, is proof that even after you've been given the worst possible odds, it CAN still happen.

Keep at it, work with a doctor who helps you stay positive (our specialist spent half his time keeping our morale up) and stop thinking about numbers and odds. You can obviously get pregnant, that's already a positive sign, and every day brings you closer to your miracle baby x

elderflowerfizz Sun 28-Oct-18 06:14:19

Hello, I was just hoping for some advice. After just over a year of ttc I have fallen pregnant twice. Both have ended in miscarriage. I'm currently being investigated and awaiting my results but my dh got an SA just to tick another thing off the list. As I got pregnant twice after 3 cycles each time we assumed all would be fine.
The results came in and were awful!!
Low count of 9million per ml, 1%morphology and terrible motility although can't remember exact number.
We are devastated. Everything I read seems to point to ivf ICSI being our only choice now. But at the same time I was able to conceive twice so I'm so confused. Also I'm assuming the miscarriages were likely related to sperm quality??
Feeling very defeated and unsure of what to do next. Does anyone have any experience or advice?

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