HCG trigger causing false positive?

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RedWineAllMine Sat 27-Oct-18 22:34:18

Yes I'm a grammar enthusiast too! But I'm horrified that I was wrong. I can only apologise! Serves me right I suppose 😂

Dollykitten Sat 27-Oct-18 15:27:06

If you're being pedantic 'you was' is actually grammatically incorrect.It should read 'you were' .

Si1ver Sat 27-Oct-18 11:20:18

@RedWineAllMine oh that's so funny, my blood properly ran cold when I read your first message as I'm such a sodding grammar nazi. 😂

RedWineAllMine Fri 26-Oct-18 23:08:12

Oh fuck I'm wrong!!! I misread the sentence and I've just noticed. Hahaha!! 😳
Oh well. Eeeee can mumsnet swallow me up please??

RedWineAllMine Fri 26-Oct-18 23:05:15

Si1ver you was right the first time. You're is incorrect for this sentence. The ' replaces the a. You're is an abbreviation for 'you are'. You are would make no sense in this sentence. Your is correct.
Nothing to do with the thread but I had to point it out grin

hoping2018 Fri 26-Oct-18 22:47:03

My trigger shot was gone. By 10 days after.

Bfp 9dp3dt

Si1ver Fri 26-Oct-18 17:19:11



Si1ver Fri 26-Oct-18 17:18:55

If you had a five day transfer, then your 9dp5dt. That's a positive I'd trust.

I got my first positive at 7dt5dt.

justtheonethen Fri 26-Oct-18 14:12:47

I tested my trigger out and it had gone after 3 days. Got my bfp on the 5th shock

I think the half life is about 5 days but I could be wrong. I would be very optimistic about a positive 14 days after smile

jemimafuddleduck Fri 26-Oct-18 13:54:22

I have no idea but fingers crossed for you!!

Mrsbroodymamma Fri 26-Oct-18 11:35:51

How long after you triggered did your tests go completely negative? I triggered 14 days ago and am still getting a fairly strong positive is this normal?

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