Gonadotropin after lack of periods

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Piglet11 Thu 25-Oct-18 19:03:39

I haven’t had periods in 3 years. The doctor originally thought it could. W because I’m an active person and have a lowish bmi (19.5). At my last appointment the doctor told me that he wants to start me on gonadotropin. I have had no treatment at all so far (apart from private acupuncture). My recent blood test showed my oestrogen level was slightly low. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or have any info on what I should expect? Ir how long I will need to wait before starting treatment? Any info would be great as I am slightly in the dark.

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Cherries101 Sun 28-Oct-18 02:21:32

Have you tried to increase your BMI? I find I only have regular periods at a BMI 24-26. Any lower or higher and they go haywire!

tosleepallday Sun 28-Oct-18 02:29:52

When you were having periods was your weight higher than it is now?

Piglet11 Sun 28-Oct-18 13:58:07

Hi. My weight has always remained pretty much the same.

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