Did your clinic put 2 embryos in 1 straw?

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Beachbiscuit Wed 24-Oct-18 12:35:52

I’m just wondering if this is normal. I really wanted to transfer 1 at a time but now I found out that’s not really possible without thawing and refreezing it, which I have been told could damage it. I really don’t have a choice but to transfer 2. I’m still trying to process this? I feel a bit gutted.

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CritterTamer Wed 24-Oct-18 14:35:38

OP are you upset because 2 were put back when you only wanted 1, or because both embryos were inserted together through the same straw? It’s perfectly normal for the two to be transferred together in 1 straw if two are being put back. If you only wanted 1 however (for example to minimise the risk of twins)you should have insisted upon 1 - no one can force you to have 2 put back although they might advise it based on your age/history, etc.

Freezing and thawing embryos these days is routine and the risk of damage to a good quality embryo is less than 5% - in fact pregnancy rates are slightly higher with FETs than with fresh cycles due to the better balance of hormones within the body.

Botanica Wed 24-Oct-18 14:47:44

I specifically asked for mine to be frozen in individual straws so I could decide whether I wanted one or both.

Freezing in pairs is the norm at my clinic so you need to ask if you want them individually.

I'm really sorry you're in a position where they haven't given you a choice.
What will you do? Take both, or refreeze the second?

Naty1 Wed 24-Oct-18 22:20:27

It may be because a % dont defrost well so to prevent you preparing for a fet and having no embryo.
We always transferred 2 as that was all we had, and they werent freezable. Also if i had a lot frozen i would want to do 2 at a time anyway as otherwise just using all the frozen ones would take several months. Though obviouslyblasts may have a very high chance of twins.

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