Acupuncture for infertility

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Reb49 Mon 22-Oct-18 19:59:20

I have been reading up about best ways to maximinse IVF treatment and came across stuff on acupuncture.

Would love to know your thoughts and any success stories or if you know it doesn’t work etc


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HairyWorm Mon 22-Oct-18 20:08:27

Maybe not relevant as no infertility diagnosis and not IVF, but after TTC for 3+ years I got pregnant at 42 y/o second cycle after starting acupuncture.
I do know someone who became pregnant between IVF cycles after acupuncture.

CritterTamer Mon 22-Oct-18 22:27:39

I’ve also just had my BFP from our second IVF cycle, for which i used acupuncture. Not saying that’s the only reason as I made other changes too since first failed cycle but I do know that it definitely increased my luteal phase on natural cycles from 10 days to 12/13 days and thickened my lining so I’m certain it played a part in the success of this IVF cycle.

ivf2019 Tue 23-Oct-18 11:18:21

I had acupuncture for just about 6 months this year to try and reduce my cycle length and de-stress. My cycle length did drop (35-27 days down to 30-32) but that could be the acupuncture, supplements or just pure coincidence. It's expensive but I found it worth it as it was something I could be in control of and I find it very relaxing.

It didn't get me pregnant but we're hopefully having IVF next year (for genetic reasons probably unrelated to the fact I haven't conceived in 19 months) and I plan to start acupuncture again before my first treatment cycle.

Maybe try an introductory session and see if you like it? My acupuncture lady did acupuncture at the local private fertility clinic too and she was absolutely lovely. I loved going but couldn't afford to keep it up indefinitely once we'd made the decision to go for IVF so it's on hold. Good luck whatever you do! x

ivf2019 Tue 23-Oct-18 11:18:58

*should say 35-37 days!

kikisparks Tue 23-Oct-18 11:20:28

I had acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for 5-6 months and didn’t get bfp (not ivf but have been TTC almost 2 years) so I’ve given up on it for now as it was so expensive.

PhoebeMouse Tue 23-Oct-18 15:01:25

I had acupuncture for a few months leading up to my IVF (just once a month) and then had 3 sessions during my IVF cycle. My acupuncturist also gave me various bits of advice on good foods to eat, things to avoid, and things like not using any scented products on the day of embryo transfer which i never would have thought of! It is hard to say if it contributed to the IVF working or not but it definitely helped me to relax and feel like I was doing something helpful.

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