Faint positive on home pregnancy test 10dp5dt

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HopefulinTO Sat 20-Oct-18 12:58:01

Hi ladies,

I tested for the first time today and got a faint + on a home pregnancy kit. The second line is not as dark as the control line but it’s visible. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a + and I want to be excited but I’m nervous because I’m wondering if it should be darker by 10 days post 5 day transfer. I’d love to hear from you all about your experiences!! Thank you!

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physicskate Sat 20-Oct-18 14:20:23

Doesn't matter how dark it is - congrats!!! No pregnancy test can tell you about viability (well, bloods taken 48 hours apart can) but not single at home pregnancy test can.

Huge congrats! You're still in with a shout!

TheArtfulScreamer Sat 20-Oct-18 14:29:35

This is mine at 10dp5dt however a line is a line and there are to many variables like test sensitivity, how much you've had to drink, how your body processes fluid and urine concentration for strength of the line to mean all that much. Congratulations you appear to be pregnant now your anxiety will really ramp up grin I'm currently 19 weeks after IVF in June and I've been convincing myself I'll feel less anxious after every milestone but although it's easing off I still daren't get to excited. Good luck x

HopefulinTO Sat 20-Oct-18 15:00:59

@physicskate thank you!
@theartfulscreamer thank you and best wishes for your pregnancy!!

I have a blood test on Monday. I had a bit of brown spotting (TMI, sorry!) yesterday but it seems to have subsided. Cautiously optimistic but I so appreciate your kind words!

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