Mixed Race Donor Eggs

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Lotty515 Fri 19-Oct-18 21:29:24

Hi Ladies,
After a MMC and 1 further year of trying at 41 I am starting to think of an egg donor. I am mixed race - white British/black carribean and my husband is white. I was adopted by white parents and have a brother who is ethnically the same mix but no biological relation. Getting the right donor is really important to me - I actually can't put into words why it is more an emotive feeling. If anyone has any information to share on finding a mixed race donor through an egg bank then I would be really interested to hear from you.

Good luck to us all on whatever journeys we are embarking on x

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hoping2018 Sat 20-Oct-18 17:46:18

Sorry haven't got much to add - but there's a separate section on donor conception so oh Kay get more response there. Good luck

Lotty515 Sun 21-Oct-18 00:56:43

Oh thank you I will have a look there.

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Blondeshavemorefun Sun 21-Oct-18 16:46:37

I would Email several Clinics to ask if they have any mixed race donors

Sure many will

From friends and clients who have used de I know they try and match as close as possible to the couple having ivf

SayNoToCarrots Sun 21-Oct-18 17:09:46

Hi Lotty. I think I understand you. You've already spent your whole life being genetically the odd one out in your family (even with your brother being the same mix). I can understand that you want the family you make to at least look somewhat like you!

I am mixed race with a white husband. One of my children is as brown as I am, the other is pale skinned and blond. You still might end up with a child who doesn't look much like you.

I have a friend who used donor eggs. Her donor looked nothing like her, but everyone just assumes the children take after their father more than her.

Sorry if what I've said isn't particularly helpful.

Leobynature Thu 01-Nov-18 14:59:23


There is a woman on YouTube called Amanda dawn. She documents her infertility treatment. Anyway she is mixed race and had used a mixed race woman’s eggs. Anyway she didn’t have to wait to long as they are not in high demand. Check out her channel.
She has a beautiful baby boy now.

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