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MrsM2017 Fri 19-Oct-18 21:29:17

Hi lovely ladies, I've been posting on the conception board for a while now, but after 18 months of TTC my hubby and I are starting fertility tests 😪

Hubby is booked in for his SA on 14th November and I've had a pelvic examination and day 1-4 and 21 bloods done by my GP. She phoned me and said they were "fine" and that was that didn't know what to make of this so popped in there today and asked for a print out of the results which they only gave me the day 1-4 ones of lol. However none of the numbers mean anything to me and Google is driving me a little crazy so wondered if anyone on here might be able to offer some advice on what the results might mean?
For dymays 1-4 (which I believe is the follicular phase?) the results are:
FSH - 8.4
LH - 6.3

Not sure if it makes any difference but I'm 29.

Thank you so much for any help flowers

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CritterTamer Sat 20-Oct-18 08:34:52

@MrsM2017 - those results are perfectly normal - I believe absolutely ‘ideal’ is FSH anything below 8 and an FSH:LH ratio close to 1:1 and you’re not far off that. I think most NHS fertility clinics will accept you for IVF treatment (if you need to go that route) as long as FSH is below 10. Private clinics aren’t too worried about FSH anyway and will do an AMH test which will give you a far better idea of how you’re likely to respond to treatment than FSH will.

Good luck!

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