First specialist appointment - SA not done yet?

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Thank you! I think we'll just show up as scheduled and see what they say.

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Lauren83 Tue 16-Oct-18 16:09:35

Usually the NHS will do their own anyway at least the ones I'm aware of, GPs will often run some before they refer you and the NHS units will usually do their own as they have an on site androlgy dept, I may be wrong though as I only have experience of Northwest clinics

It's an NHS appointment.. We're at the start of our investigations, so it's not for ivf specifically, just exploring why we're not pregnant yet 😢

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Lauren83 Tue 16-Oct-18 15:09:18

Like PP said is it a private IVF cycle? Or an NHS one? If it's an NHS referral for investigations prior to IVF they may do a SA routinely as a lot of things are duplicated by your GP, if it's a private clinic and the appointment is to pull a plan together then they need an SA for this to be able to plan next steps and estimate chance of success. My clinic won't see a couple without an SA so I would call and double check incase you have to postpone your appointment as it may be wasted time and money without out depending how the clinic works

Cherries101 Tue 16-Oct-18 13:32:48

Is it an NHS cycle? If so then you may be referred back to your GP. If it’s private then they’ll often offer to do it for you for a cost.


DH and I have our first appointment with the fertility specialist on Friday afternoon. When we got referred from our GP we also got a referral for DH to get his SA done, but annoyingly he won't have had it before our appointment on Friday -- the first slot they could see him was in December, and they've only been able to move it to the end of October due to a cancellation (who knew there were that many men needing checking?? or that few appointments?). Is this going to make our appointment on Friday useless as they won't have the full picture, or will they still get on with doing more tests on me do you think (yay)? I've had day 2/21 bloods and internal scan already..

Ugh, excited to get going on the next step but also terrified of 99% of medical things, so dreading it.

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