IVF 2 days after embyro transfer

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jaffacakemonster Mon 15-Oct-18 12:08:49

Hi everyone

First time posting on this section of mumsnet but I just feel the need to talk about this somewhere. I had a “top quality” embryo put back in on Saturday morning. One has also gone in the freezer which is very reassuring, but I can’t stop my mind wondering and daydreaming about what might be – I’ll have my pregnancy blood test on the 29th October. I know this is the classic, longest two weeks of your life type thing, but has anyone here had any experience of how their bodies felt so soon after embryo transfer? I am experiencing some mild cramping but no spotting or anything and no other symptoms really. Trying not to drive myself too mad but it’s hard not to. Apologies if I am posting in the wrong section. Any comments / similar experiences would be really interesting to hear.

Thank you so much

(it’s first go at IVF after 4 years of TTC. I’m 34).

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Lauren83 Mon 15-Oct-18 19:36:16

2 of my 5 cycles were BFPs and both times I had a small amount of orangery brown discharged around day 9dpo, good luck!

Peanut1980 Tue 16-Oct-18 12:01:14

Hiya @jaffacakemonster. I’m just nearing the end of my two week wait. My OTD is Thursday. So I promised I wasn’t going to test early but I did. I’ve been testing for the past 3 days and have had a positive each day. The downside of testing early is that you worry whether you have a false positive from the trigger shot. So I’m in limbo land at the moment until I can officially test on Thursday. As for symptoms I’ve had headaches, sweats but no sore boobs. I did after the trigger but they’ve since returned to normal. I believe I’ve been having implantation bleeding for the past 3 days. A brown discharge which is only there when you wipe. It’s stopped now though. I had a 3BB embryo put in as was the best grade I had. 🤞🤞🤞🤞 Here to chat if you need anyone to speak to. Good luck 🙏

jaffacakemonster Tue 16-Oct-18 12:30:18

Thank you both! And @Peanut1980, keeping everything crossed for you, good luck - sounds promising x

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gigglingbiscuit Wed 17-Oct-18 22:22:47

Can I join?
It's my 2nd cycle of IVF. Had ET on the 11th October so OTD is Monday. This 2ww business is unbearable!
How do I keep myself busy and not pointless symptom spotting??

Peanut1980 Thu 18-Oct-18 05:46:19

Hi @gigglingbiscuit the only thing that seemed to distract my mind temporarily was cleaning the house 🤣 I’m so pleased our tww is over. I did the test this morning and I have a faint line for a BFP. I’m just not getting excited though as I want to speak to the clinic. I’m still worried it’s a false positive from the trigger as other than spotting I’ve had no symptoms. Good luck to you on your tww 🤞🙏

jaffacakemonster Thu 18-Oct-18 09:47:04

Hello everyone and thanks for the contributions so far! I'm now 5 days post a day 5 blastocyst transfer... still no symptoms whatsoever. Other than perhaps slightly tender boobs but that could well be the hormones I've been taking. Keep looking out for anything else but so far nothing. I suppose it's best not to read anything into it but I also keep wanting to do a pregnancy test. I won't, but it's SO tempting. Watching loads of trashy telly in the evenings and keeping busy at work!! Missing coffee!! hope everyone else is getting on OK.

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Peanut1980 Thu 18-Oct-18 17:12:00

@jaffacakemonster eek... 5 days in. You’re getting there. Do you test at 11 days post transfer? I went to the clinic today and had a blood test done. Get my results tomorrow morning. If the embryo was late in implanting my figures might be low and I may need to go back in again on Monday to see if they’re increasing. I’m really surprised my boobs aren’t sore at all. I do have a son already and have had a chemical pregnancy. My boobs were the first symptom. No pregnancy is the same and I wonder whether these progesterone bum bullets ease the symptoms?

Are you watching films on Netflix? What are you watching?

jaffacakemonster Thu 18-Oct-18 17:28:53

HI @Peanut1980! So I only have my blood test on Monday 29th which seems really far off. They advised me to do a home test the day before. I've been watching Line of Duty - can't believe it's taken me this long to discover it! That and Big little lies ( just got a DVD player too - welcome to the 21st century eh!). Keeping everything crossed for you tomorrow x

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jaffacakemonster Thu 18-Oct-18 17:29:22

Am also watching lots of the Bachelor - how embarassing

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Peanut1980 Thu 18-Oct-18 18:24:11

Ooohhhh the Batchelor! I think I’ll get involved in that too 😁🤣 Can’t believe they always snog all the girls. I’d go nuts if he snogged me and then worked his way through the rest of the girls 🤣🤬🤣

So a week Monday then to test. It’s funny how clinics are all so different with their recommendations and dates. Good luck to you 🤞🙏🤞🙏

1Wanda1 Thu 18-Oct-18 19:09:49

I'm 24 weeks pregnant after IVF and my main advice to you OP is: if you're going to test early, only do so using an early response FRER. Other tests are inconclusive early and even FRERs can be too, but they seem to be the best for early testing.

On this round I tested at 6 or 7 dp5dt and got a faint line which got stronger each day until OTD. On previous transfer which didn't work, I got blank white from 5dp5dt and every day after.

Good luck. And best of luck to peanut too.

gigglingbiscuit Thu 18-Oct-18 21:25:42

@peanut great news on your BFP!!!!
@jaffacakemonster I guess we've got to take one day at a time until OTD 

jaffacakemonster Fri 19-Oct-18 14:06:45

So sorry if this is TMI but i just went to the loo and wiped and saw link pink blood on the tissue. Not spotting, enough to cover the tissue. Also feeling like I have period pains. Thing is, my actual period would have been due yesterday and now I just don't know whether this is implantation or period. Arrgh it's so annyoying not to know either way. Thanks again for all the support and hope everyone else is going well xx

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Peanut1980 Sat 20-Oct-18 00:19:25

@jaffacakemonster nothing is tmi on this journey. Well not for me anyway. Is it only there when you wipe? Bleeding is really common in early pregnancy. Only advice I can give is just to see how it goes. Don’t lose faith 🙏

jaffacakemonster Sat 20-Oct-18 20:38:15

Thanks so much @peanut1980 - how did you get on?! I hope
You had good news?! Sadly I think it’s game over for me this time. Full on heavy period like bleeding with clotting for 32 hours now. Same time normal period would have been due. I know we don’t know anything for certain yet but it doesn’t feel good. But what will be, will be, and we are trying to take as much comfort as we can from knowing that we have one top quality embryo in the freezer. Xx

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