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WorriedButterfly Mon 15-Oct-18 12:00:18

Hi there

I am new on here! I wondered if there was anyone out there that had experienced Fertility treatment at Maidstone Hospital on NHS? My husband has a low sperm count (3million). I have not spoken to anyone about options we were just told we need to be referred.

First question should my husband come to my first appointment at the hospital?

How long does it usually take from the first consultation to starting treatment. I’ve had all the tests done already will they need to be redone?

Anyone had any success stories? Or bad experiences?

I’m so full of nerves, I haven’t really got my head around it yet!

Thank you!

WB x

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SunnySky501 Mon 15-Oct-18 19:16:52

Hi Butterfly - I went through Maidstone hops for ivf and my experience was just a consultation there before they referred on again to another ivf clinic as they don’t do it there. In your case it might be different if they are recommending something other than ivf, but good news is it was quite quick for the next appointment at the ivf clinic and they don’t redo the tests! It’s best if you can both be there for that appointment, there might be some forms! Gl to you x

WorriedButterfly Mon 15-Oct-18 19:57:50

Thank you for letting me know! X

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