3rd IUI done - 2dpo and IUI. A bit confused, help!

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PinkBlue1985 Sun 14-Oct-18 07:34:42

Hello all!

So I completed my 3rd IUI on Friday.
Medications: 75iu Menopaur and Buserelin (Suprecur) injections and then Buserelin and Gonasi trigger night!
Never used this medication before, but buserelin apparently stops you from ovulating early! Felt quite crappy near the end! Day 11 UltraSound completed and trigger in the evening, lead follicles 21mm right side, 16mm and 15mm left. Lining was over 10 so I was ready to trigger!

36 hours past trigger went in for IUI, always a bit complicated my one, a bit of a hassle getting through my cervix so can be a bit painful! Before putting sperm in he completed ultrasound, he said right side was ovulating and left side I still had to 2 follicles not ruptured! They looked bigger in size so probably near 20mm he did measure but I didn't ask. He got on with it and inserted sperm 44million 86% mobility.

Now my questions, I have never had IUI whilst ovulating! Is this a good thing? How can they even see!
Would the other 2 follicles rupture as well or not?
I just hope I didn't miss my window and ovulated early so panicking now. Please if someone can help with my questions!!

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