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White13 Sun 14-Oct-18 01:02:16

We have just had our first appointment with our consultant. She has recommended icsi and we are now waiting for hubbies genetic test results to come back.
Is anyone else at this clinic?
What was your experience?

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Justwaitingforaline Mon 15-Oct-18 09:16:40

We’re with complete! Also waiting on genetic testing to come back ( both mine and his as we’re going to egg share ) and we will be having ICSI at the beginning of next year, hopefully!

White13 Tue 30-Oct-18 22:02:36

@justwaitingforaline how are you getting on?
We have just had our appointment through for December to speak about our next steps. After testing and results.
Had my first ever internal ultrasound.
The lady was so lovely, really put my worried mind at ease.
How are you finding them down there?

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Justwaitingforaline Wed 31-Oct-18 13:08:58

We’re doing okay! I have a routine ultrasound tomorrow to check ovaries and womb etc. DH has an apt with the urologist on the 13th November and then our medical consult on the 22nd to hand over the money - hoping to start in January! are you private or NHS funded?

White13 Wed 31-Oct-18 14:26:40

We are nhs funded. (Hopefully) That is what our next appointment is about. We need to apply for it to see if they will except us.
If not we will look into funding it ourselves and aim towards the end of next year or the year after.

Is this your first go?

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Justwaitingforaline Wed 31-Oct-18 19:36:21

Ah, best wishes to you! it will be our first go, yes. I’m in the process of writing my egg donor statement ready for it to be offered to couples waiting for donor eggs!

White13 Wed 31-Oct-18 22:50:36

Oh that's so lovely of you. Good luck to you both. I hope you get the best result.

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Justwaitingforaline Sat 24-Nov-18 22:38:26

Hi White, how are you getting on? We got the go ahead for ICSI on Thursday and I start down regulation with my next period!

White13 Mon 26-Nov-18 01:57:35

Hey, @justwaitingforaline that's great news!! 🎉
Our next appointment because of it being NHS isn't until 20th December. Then we will get our results back for genetics and hopefully we can apply for funding. So no new news for us.
Do you have to wait long to get the ball rolling?

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