Pre-IVF supplements - advice from clinics?

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AniSL Thu 11-Oct-18 14:41:08

Think Ubiquinol is mentioned a lot in the book and I took 400mg daily, remember egg cycle greatest development is in the last 90 days so best to start as soon as.
We cant have a natural cycle unfortunately, we have severe male factor but clinic said it would help with implantation wity FET

79andnotout Thu 11-Oct-18 14:36:44

Thanks @Guio, I've been taking coenzyme q10 for a few months now, but haven't found the ubiquinol version of it. Where do you get yours?

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Guio Thu 11-Oct-18 14:25:18

Hello I can recommend to take ubiquinol as well.My clinic didn't tell me anything just folic acid but it is meant to improve egg quality.@AniSL are you using progesterone cream with IVF or for natural cycle??

79andnotout Thu 11-Oct-18 13:04:44

Thanks @Aprilislonggone - I'll get him starting on it tonight.

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Aprilislonggone Thu 11-Oct-18 12:57:11

Sperm cycle is around 90 days so get asap!

79andnotout Thu 11-Oct-18 12:47:47

Ah great, thanks both! I will get OH on the vitamin c, I take some already myself.

Yeah @AniSL - I asked them to clarify (she even drew me a diagram) exactly how the progesterone levels change within the cycle, as I'd read elsewhere that it should be seven days after ovulation, but it sounds like they were taken at the right time. It's quite confusing though.

Yeah I'm unsure about DHEA as I read it messes up your cycles, and I am still hoping a miracle occurs and I manage a natural pregnancy before I start IVF, but should probably just accept that's not going to happen at this point and throw all energy into preparing for IVF.

I'll look into glutathione and progesterone cream, thanks!

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AniSL Thu 11-Oct-18 12:03:48

Ok that sounds about right testing time, they tested me on day 21 and it came back no ovulation despite having 32 day cycles, they tested at the right time and found I was.
I have read on here that Dhea is good for egg quality, I couldn't take it due to having mild pco and egg quality wasnt an issue for me. I have been taking glutathione though which I believe wasn't mentioned in the book. I have been following the Natural Fertility company recommendations and also natural progesterone cream too


Aprilislonggone Thu 11-Oct-18 11:59:48

My friend's ivf consultant recommended her dh take 1000mg of vitamin c twice a day for top sperm.( Soluble form)
They have 4 dc from 3 attempts!!

79andnotout Thu 11-Oct-18 11:54:58

Specifically, progesterone. I'm producing some but not enough (readings 20 or less). They were timed 7 days before my period, which is the peak apparently. I have 27 day cycles.

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79andnotout Thu 11-Oct-18 11:52:52

@AniSL - blood tests.

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AniSL Thu 11-Oct-18 11:51:45

79andnotout how did they diagnose that you are not ovulating?

79andnotout Thu 11-Oct-18 10:50:16

Hi, I'm due to be referred for NHS IVF soon, and the waiting list is quite short in my area, so I want to start preparing for it now.

Has anyone been recommended any specific supplements/vitamins by your clinic? Or any particular advise to prepare?

My issues are lack of ovulation, and age (I'm 39), with not great ovarian reserve - FSH of 12 and AMH of 9. No PCOS. History of thyroid issues but been stable for a few years now without meds. My cycles are regular. I was surprised to find out I wasn't ovulating as it feels like I am, however my gynaecologist doesn't want to mess around trying to make me ovulate as I'm close to the age cut-off for referral.

I've read It Starts with an Egg, and there is a lot of advice there regarding supplements etc, but the book is a few years old now, so I was wondering if any of that advice had filtered into the clinics and been recommended by them?

I've been taking folic acid/vitd for the last 18 months already while TTC.

Thanks for the help.

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