Really stupid question!

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Ohluckyme Wed 10-Oct-18 09:20:24

I’ve just finished reading it starts with the egg and have decide to follow the intermediate plan (tubal issues and unexplained fertility) as I’m having IVF in the next few months. It suggests taking 200mg daily of Ubiquinol. I’ve been taking 100mg each a day anyway (x2 50mg) and have a few bottles I got on offer a while back so I just thought i’d up my dose to x4 50mg daily but the back of the packet says take two a day and do not exceed stated dose. Do you think it will be okay if I take 4 a day or shall I buy a 200mg dose instead? It just seems such a waste of money.

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79andnotout Wed 10-Oct-18 12:15:41

Yeah take four. It's the same as 200mg, it's just more than that company are prepared to recommend for liability reasons.

Ohluckyme Wed 10-Oct-18 12:48:07

Thank you for your reply! I’ll start taking 4 x

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