FET fully hatched embryo and hatching embryo day 6

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bangsaklove Tue 09-Oct-18 14:14:20

Hello all, I am in the gruelling 2ww (rolls eyes) and wondered if anyone had any knowledge / experience of fully hatched and hatching embryos? This is my 2nd go using frozen embryos after a failed fresh cycle earlier this year and those are the 2 we popped in! Thanks in advance!

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CritterTamer Wed 10-Oct-18 15:08:40

@Bangsaklove - I can’t offer any advice but just wanted to say good luck! I had two hatching 5AA embies put back yesterday so know how you feel - just praying that implantation happens with these good quality embryos. Last cycle we had a 4AB and 4AB/C put back without success so hoping for better luck with these 5AAs 🤞

bangsaklove Wed 10-Oct-18 19:23:29

Thank you @CritterTamer that’s really nice of you to reply. I am 4dp5dt although as title suggests one was a day 6 from what I can make out from what the embryologist said. It’s all so confusing isn’t it! And don’t start me on grading hah
Did they give you any indication if hatching has a good chance?x

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CritterTamer Wed 10-Oct-18 19:43:05

@Bangsaklove - they were very careful about what they said as usual, but their whole body language and the way they were talking was much more positive than when we had the 4ABs put in. They kept saying we couldn’t ask for better embryos - of course it will now be even more devastating if it fails but at least I have a lot more hope than I did before I found out how good they were 😊

CritterTamer Wed 10-Oct-18 19:46:26

I meant to ask - what grading were the ones you had put back fresh? Seems odd to freeze such good embryos! I had the 5AAs put back at day 5 - there were others that were slower and were frozen today at day 6 but they only made it to 4AA and 4 AB.

CritterTamer Wed 10-Oct-18 19:50:45

@Bangsaklove - also you might be confusing the grade with the days - if you had them both put back in together on the 5th day after your EC (not including the EC day itself) then they are both 5 day embryos. The figure 6 refers to your fully hatched embryo, e.g. 6 AA or 6BB, etc., and the number 5 refers to a still hatching embryo, e.g. 5AA. Hope this helps!

bangsaklove Wed 10-Oct-18 19:54:54

They don’t give much away do they!! Have to be honest not entirely sure on the grading I didnt want to get too bogged down in the details as the results seem to vary so much and didn’t wanna drive myself mad googling like last time! Last time we had this amazing front runner and they were super confident yet I got a BFN. We only get one go at IVF My fresh cycle failed and so these are little Frosties from that one. They were reluctant to put two in last time. Xx

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bangsaklove Wed 10-Oct-18 19:57:42

I think I’m just confused in general grin but that does help and make sense so thank you
My general thinking was they have to hatch after transfer usually so surely the hatching factor must be a good thing hopefully it means they are strong little things ;)

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Lolly2803 Thu 11-Oct-18 16:21:43

I had two hatching Day 5 blasts in my frozen cycle. 4AA and 4AB. They are now 16 months. Good Luck 😊

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