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Fika Thu 04-Oct-18 17:08:09

hi im 43
a year and half ago my husband and i decided it was time to have a baby. We did not really try naturally because I knew with my age I didnt have time to spare so I went to a reproductive specialist and she advised at my age to start IVF right away.
I respond well to stimulation and the first round I got 3 PGS normal embryos. 2 seperate pgs Frozen transfers stuck but miscarried before we could get to the heartbeat stage. I did another retrieval just to have some back up , my funds have ran out so this last group of 4 embryos were not PGS tested. We transfered one of the 4 and it did not stick at all. Before the last transfer Ive done the HSG, immunity and even had a tiny polyp removed all to try and help...this next step is to do an ERA to see if maybe we are transferring on the wrong day. ALso my dr. wants to do another retrieval since my age is increasing rapidly into the maybe no eggs zone and having some embryos on ice before I am no longer able to have successful retrievals. But the clinics fees for freezing is way out of budget because I have ran out of money and access to money on this journey..every time I pay for something I think its going to be the last huge expense but it just keeps being something else. My question is any feedback on if I should retrieve again and freeze for back up (I currently have 3 day 5s frozen and 1 PGS) We just want one baby..Do you think I should retrieve again or should I ask them to transfer one of the ones I already have. They are pushing for a retrieval but I just am already is so much debt trying to make this happen.

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