Manging IVF symptoms with full time work

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Bambinamina Tue 02-Oct-18 22:50:37

Hey lovely ladies, I am 38 (DH is 40), we are plannig to start our first cycle of IVF/ ICSI in late October (our chances are low I know). I have been researching what side effects I can expect from from the hormonal stimulation and to get an idea of how much time I will need off work.
The bloating sounds and looks horrendous, have any of you had symptom-free or at least visably symptom-free IVF cycles? If you have positive stories not only about the success but also about trouble free cycle, please share!
My questions are not vanity motivated, I don’t feel comfortable sharing with colleagues my IVF journey, as I may have to share the disappointment if the treatment doesn’t work and this only add to my sadness.
Any good stories-would be much appreciate itsmilegrin

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JeNeBaguetteRien Tue 02-Oct-18 23:28:50

Hello Bambina, I haven't had successful IVF (yet) but I have managed to do it without telling work.
I said I had a gynae day procedure under anaesthetic for egg collection and took the next day off too, I probably could have worked but I was having a 2 day transfer (due to low number of embryos) so was taking the next day off for transfer and it was better to have 1 sickness episode.
Transfer not physically demanding but my clinic was miles away and I went to acupuncture before and after.

When I could've done with a day off to be honest was when the cycle failed but it was a busy time in work and I had booked test date off (period started the day before).

My physical effects were mainly tiredness and maybe a bit bloated but I have IBS so have some looser work clothes anyway for bloated days.

Planning another cycle and again won't tell work. My work actually do grant a few days leave for IVF treatment but I'd rather not tell them.

Good luck 💐

Osirus Tue 02-Oct-18 23:36:45

My cycle was relatively symptom-free part from a few hot flushes and being easily irritated.

I did tell HR I was going through IVF and I gave them a list of the days I needed off for appointments and egg collection. They didn’t deduct any pay or take it from my annual leave. They were great and I’m glad I told them.

I found IVF fairly straightforward but I know it’s not the same for everyone. It was the hormone suppressing drugs that gave me the few symptoms I had, you usually start to feel normal again when you start taking the stimulation drugs. I had no symptoms once I started on those and apart from all the bruises all over my legs from the injections, you would have had no idea I was going through IVF.

Osirus Tue 02-Oct-18 23:40:29

I had three days off for egg collection and the transfer was on the third day. This was a Friday so i didn’t have to work for another few days. I then took a day off for the blood test to check for pregnancy as I didn’t want to receive that call at work or deal with the emotional fallout if it had been negative.

The other appointments for scans etc I went back to work afterward.

Good luck!

Osirus Tue 02-Oct-18 23:45:52

Oh, and I didn’t tell my colleagues, just HR. I did tell one colleague who was also a friend and going through IVF at the same time. Hers failed at the time unfortunately, but has recently had a baby, conceived naturally, after 17 failed cycles. A true miracle baby, given that my friend has about 1/4 of just one ovary left following cancer.

I hope your treatment works. We were given a chance of 26%. It can happen. I know it’s hard to stay positive sometimes, I remember checking out other clinics before I’d even had my result as I was sure it hadn’t worked.

It’s tough emotionally more than anything.

Bambinamina Wed 03-Oct-18 00:31:26

Hi JeNeBaguetteRien & Osiris, thank you so much for your positive replies. I know we all different and even fertility specialist can’t predict how a body will react to the drugs. You know how it is if search for side effects and symptoms - the negatives like OHSS come up and is assuring to hear that not everyone ends up looking 5m pregnant while objecting.
I’ve decide to tell HR, who I’m sure will be discreet about it.I just can’t bear the thought of anyone possibly asking me “ if I might be expecting by any chance”? That will just upset me, been ttc for 2 years after a late miscarriage at 15 weeks. Some insensitive people have no idea what others maybe going though. I will certainly take couple of days of at EC and maybe more at ET. And I have any left take a day when the results are due - thank you for that advice.

Osirus - so happy it worked for you and such an amazing story about your friend conceiving naturally after so many failed attempts and after surviving the big C!

JeNeBaguetteRien - sending you good wishes I hope your next cycle brings a BFP 🙏🏻 (as they say on this forum)

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Bambinamina Wed 03-Oct-18 00:32:42

*while injecting

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Guio Wed 03-Oct-18 06:32:53

Hi all,time is coming for me as well,just waiting for my next period at the end of October.I am worried about work as well and if I am going to need a lot of time off.can I ask what you mean with time off?do you mean sick paid or you just used your holiday?I guess for egg collection we will get a letter from the Dr as it is a small surgery?

AniSL Wed 03-Oct-18 08:41:31

My first cycle was completely symptom free, I didnt tell work, I was able to get scans done before work. EC happened whilst I was on annual leave and on a holiday. Came back to work no issues.
Second cycle, had some symptoms of nausea and dizziness after injecting, but this happened in night time after injecting so was gone before work. Again on annual leave for EC, actually sitting here in my gown waiting. Did not tell work.

welshweasel Wed 03-Oct-18 08:45:59

On my fresh cycle I managed to fit all my scans around work. I had very few symptoms during stims. I took 2 days sick leave for EC (told HR the truth, told colleagues was having minor gynae op). For ET I literally nipped out (said I was going to the bank) and came straight back to work.
I did have mild OHSS and was very bloated but just wore baggy clothes. It was a successful cycle and and I didn’t tell work I was pregnant until I was 19 weeks! Since then I’ve done two frozen cycles, again few symptoms and didn’t have to tell work with either.

Movin Wed 03-Oct-18 08:55:56

Thank you all for sharing, I'm about to start IVF and am worried about how to hide it from the men in my office. Good luck to everyone on this journey x

partyringthing Wed 03-Oct-18 21:44:08

Baby imminent here - 1st time IVF. Was 37 when process started.

I was completely symptom free from the treatment. I have wondered whether it’s related to the fact that, with the exception of a bit of mild irritability, my periods have never affected me that much, so generally I’m just lucky that changes in hormone levels don’t really affect me. I’ve also had a pretty easy pregnancy (though doing a fair amount of unjustified crying now in these final weeks!)

I had a day off for egg collection but everything else fitted around work (admittedly I’m lucky that my work can be reasonably flexible). Embryo transfer was a piece of cake - just went to my appt late afternoon and then carried on as normal. Was NHS but the planning of appointments was really good - very clear when you might have to go in, and lots of early morning appts before work to choose from. I remember having to go to one extra scan (can’t actually remember why) which was a bit of a pain to fit in, but not too bad. And I didn’t feel the need to tell my work that I was going through the treatment.

I don’t know how representative my experience is, but it is definitely possible to have a pretty simple process. Also perhaps relevant is that I wasn’t too worried/anxious about the process in advance. Approached it with a que sera sera you attitude and carried on enjoying my life in parallel. Not always possible depending on people’s past experiences, but if possible I would recommend just trying to get on with stuff that you normally would as best you can.

By far the worst part of IVF for me was the HSG. Hurt like hell and I fainted in a public place a few hours later. All the rest pretty straightforward though.

All the very best of luck!

Willow4987 Tue 09-Oct-18 00:17:07

Hi OP. I had a relatively symptom free successful cycle - apart from the bloating but I just wore slightly more baggy clothes. On the whole I felt prepared for the potential side effects but then didn’t have any

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